Alachua County Speeding Ticket Attorney

Alachua County is the University driven, artistic section of Florida boasting a population of more than 247,336 residents. Known for its emphasis on education, its diverse culture and its passionate art scene, Alachua County is a heavily visited, heavily trafficked area. As such, various police departments patroll the roads on a regular basis making Alachua County a common location for speeding tickets. If you were cited for speeding in Alachua County, Florida, chances are you received a ticket from one of the following Police Departments:

  • Alachua Police Department
  • Gainesville Police Department
  • Alachua County Sherriff’s Office
  • La Crosse Police Department
  • Florida Highway Patrol
  • Waldo Police Department
  • Archer Police Department
  • Hawthorne Police Department
  • High Springs Police Department
  • Newberry Police Department

Reasons for Incurring Speeding Charges in Alachua County

There are many different reasons for being cited for speeding in Alachua County. One of the most common reasons is driving six or more miles an hour above the legal limit while on your way to or from the University of Florida. The University of Florida is the largest university in the state and is located right here in Alachua County. Following the flow of traffic on or near the grounds of the University could cause you to speed unwittingly. While the University is the main draw for the area, there are many other landmarks in Alachua County as well as major cities. Speed limits can vary on or near the grounds of these landmarks and within the limits of the cities. Some of the major cities, landmarks and roads drivers are most likely to incur speeding charges included:

  • Gainesville
  • Hawthorne
  • High Springs
  • Newberry
  • Alachua
  • Archer
  • Waldo
  • Lacrosse
  • Micanopy
  • Interstate 75
  • Gainesville Regional Airport
  • Flying 10 Airport
  • Oak Tree Landing Airport
  • Gleim Field Airport
  • Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park
  • Gainesville-Hawthorne State Trail
  • High Springs Historic District

The Next Step After Being Cited For Speeding in Alachua County

Whether you have been accused of driving 6 miles above the legal limit or 30+ miles above the legal limit, hiring an Alachua County speeding ticket lawyer should be the next step you take. If you wish to plead not guilty to the charge you have approximately 30 days to request a hearing from the Clerk of the Court. This request should be made in writing by a ticket lawyer in Alachua County who will then send it to 201 E. University Avenue, Gainesville, Florida.

Possible Repercussions for Receiving a Guilty Verdict for Speeding

While it might seem easier to simply pay your ticket and avoid the hassle of going to court to alleviate the charge, paying a ticket is an admittance of guilt for which there could be serious repercussions you might be unaware of. Firstly, a guilty verdict for speeding in Alachua County automatically puts points on your license. These points could lead to higher insurance premiums and a possible loss of your driving privileges either now or in the future. Losing your privilege to drive could have a negative impact on your employment and everyday life. If you opt to plead not guilty and hire a speeding ticket attorney in Alachua County to represent you, the speeding ticket lawyer in Alachua County will attend court and fill out the paperwork for. You will not even have to miss one day of work over the issue. If you choose to simply plead guilty, your driver’s license will be marked with three or more points for speeding, four or more points if you were caught speeding in a school zone. There are often excessive fines also associated with the offense. These fines can range anywhere from $76 to a thousand or more dollars depending on the severity of the charge.

Hiring an Alachua Speeding Ticket Attorney

Hiring an Alachua speeding ticket lawyer can help to reduce or eliminate your speeding charge. Receiving a not guilty verdict is often a matter of education and this lawyer can arm you with the information you need to keep your car on the road and your insurance premiums at a minimum.

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