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In 2013, Lake County law enforcement officials issued 11,553 speeding citations to drivers. If you are one of the tens of thousands of drivers who has been cited for speeding in Lake County, Florida you could be unaware of how the charge could impact your day to day life. You might also be wondering if there’s anything that could be done in your defense. A Lake County speeding ticket lawyer can aid you in answering business questions and walk you through the judicial process, cutting out many hassles along the way.

Home to approximately 297,052 residents and visited by many more, the streets of Lake County are heavily monitored by the Florida Highway Patrol with assistance from the Clermont Police Department and the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. Major roadways like the Florida Turnpike, State Road 19, and US 27 and 441 can become rather congested, posing threats that could affect a driver’s ability to remain within the legal speeding limitations. Speed limits vary drastically from place to place with school zones and construction zones seeming to pop up out of nowhere. Some of the most common Lake County locales where drivers are cited for speeding are:

  • Cities like Clermont, Leesburg and Tavares
  • Tourists Attractions like Citrus Tower, the Florida Carriage Museum and Lakeridge Winery
  • College Campuses like Lake-Sumter State College
  • Major Highways and State Roads

How a Speeding Charge can Affect your Daily Life

Prior to making a hasty decision, such as paying off the speeding ticket without realizing that the state of Florida will except that payment as an automatic admittance of guilt, it is best to consult with a Clermont speeding ticket attorney so you may obtain a better understanding of exactly what you’re up against and how this charge can affect your daily life. In addition to fines ranging from between $80 to over $600, your freedom and reputation could also be at stake. Many drivers are unfamiliar with the Florida driving point system and how it affects freedom, privileges and reputations.

The first thing any driver accused of speeding should be aware of is the number of points that could be automatically added to their license should the state receive a full payment without the driver requesting a hearing. If you were accused of speeding 16 mph above the legal limit or less the number of points you are facing is typically three. If you were accused of speeding 16 mph or more above the legal limit the number of points you are typically facing is four. The number of points a driver must accrue in order to have their license suspended is 12 points in one year, 18 points in 18 months or 24 points in 36 months.

Points stay on a driving record for between three and five years. This is important information for jobseekers and anyone who wishes to keep their insurance premiums at a minimum. Potential employers often review driving records when making hiring decisions. Current employers can also review driving records and will sometimes use points as a reason for firing an individual. In addition to the many career consequences a driver could face as a result of points, insurance companies are known for raising rates for drivers who have points on their licenses. Insurance premiums can be increased sometimes three or four times the amount in comparison to drivers who do not have points.

How a Speeding Ticket Attorney in Lake County Can Help

Upon receipt of a speeding citation, drivers typically have about 30 days to react with a plea of not guilty. Immediately obtaining a speeding ticket lawyer in Lake County will take this burden off your shoulders along with many others. A Leesburg speeding ticket lawyer will fill out all of the necessary legal documentation and submit it to the Clerk of the Court at 550 W. Main St., Tavares, FL 32778 on behalf of the accused. At this point the legal representative will be in charge of investigating weather, traffic and road conditions and devising a suitable courtroom defense for the defendant. They can even attend court in the driver’s place if need be.

There are wide variety of ways to preserve your driving privileges and your reputation. Contact a speeding ticket attorney in Clermont for more information.

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