Dixie County Speeding Ticket Lawyer – Speeding Ticket Attorney in Cross City

Tiny Dixie County in beautiful sunny Florida is home to approximately 16,420 residents. Many more have discovered Dixie County as a hidden gem and it is increasingly becoming a popular vacation spot. Some of the many attractions the drawing a vast amount of foot, bicycle, motorcycle and motor vehicle traffic include:

  • Horseshoe Beach
  • Big Bend Saltwater Paddling Trail
  • Dixie Mainline Road
  • Cross City
  • Old Town
  • Suwanee River
  • Steinhachee River
  • Shired Island
  • Old Town Methodist Church
  • Old Town Elementary School
  • Suwanee National Wildlife Refuge
  • Florida Underwater Archaeological Preserve
  • City of Hawkinsville

As one of Florida’s most sought after tourist regions, Dixie County is heavily monitored and patrolled by three major law enforcement agencies. These agencies are the Dixie County Sheriff’s Office, the Florida Highway Patrol and the Cross City Police Department. If you have received a speeding citation in Dixie County, Florida chances are high that one of the above listed agencies issued your ticket. Any speeding violation in question should be tended to by a Dixie County speeding ticket attorney as soon as possible. Often times, evidence related to road and/or weather conditions is time sensitive making this a matter that should not be delayed.

What to do If You Have Been Accused of Speeding in Dixie County

Whether you are a local Dixie County resident, a visitor stopping in for a dose of history or a commuter who was cited on your way to work, the first thing you should do is obtain information regarding your charge. A speeding ticket attorney in Cross City can help you to better understand the penalties you could be facing and defenses you might not even realize are already at your disposal. Whether you choose to plead guilty, not guilty or no contest, drivers are typically only allotted a 30 day window to submit their plea in writing. Should you choose to plead not guilty, your Dixie County speeding ticket attorney will submit this plea on your behalf and send it to the Clerk of the Court atDixie County Courthouse, 214 Northeast Highway 351, Cross City, Florida 32628. Should you choose to represent yourself, this is also the location where your hearing will be held.

Establishing Yourself as a Low Risk Driver

Fighting back against your charge is not only the best way to avoid fines, fees, possible license suspension and other costly penalties, it is also the best way to maintain a reputation as a low risk driver. While it might be tempting to pay the ticket and rid yourself of the hassle, that payment will be viewed by the court as an admittance of your guilt. Any crime you are found guilty of can be held against you in a wide variety of ways.

Many Florida drivers are unaware of the driving point system and the way it works. This system functions a lot like a line of credit and many employers view your driving record as a sign of your responsibility or lack thereof. Insurance companies also pay attention to points that may accrue on your driving record. They can raise your premiums if there are points on your driving record that make it look like you are a high risk driver.

Law enforcement is paying attention to your driving record as well. Drivers who accrue twelve or more points in the course of a year could have their license suspended. The same is true for drivers who accrue 18 points in 18 months or 24 points in 36 months. Points remain on driving record for anywhere from 3 to 5 years.

A Cross City speeding ticket attorney can assist you in reviewing your options, building an excellent defense and maintaining a reputation as a low risk driver. If you are facing tough decisions as a result of a Florida speeding citation, contact an experienced speeding ticket lawyer in Dixie County for assistance. This legal representative can fill out all of the required paperwork for you as well as attend court in your place.

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