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With an approximated population of 331,298 residents and a reputation for promoting tourism, travel and an eco-forward atmosphere, Marion County is a popular Florida escape. Enlisted to watch the streets in search of speeders and other traffic violators, the Ocala Police Department often works in collaboration with Belleview Police Department, Florida Highway Patrol, Dunnellon Police Department and the Marion County Sheriff’s Office to promote safe travel procedures. In the year 2013, Marion County law enforcement officials issued 8,482 speeding tickets across the region. If you are one of the many thousands of drivers who have been accused of speeding in Marion County, a Marion County speeding ticket lawyer can help to ensure the safety of your driver’s license and your freedom. Contact a speeding ticket attorney in Ocala, Florida to learn more about safeguarding your driving privileges.

Speeding Ticket Procedures

Following the receipt of a citation, the average driver has approximately 30 days to respond with a plea. Should a driver choose to plead not guilty to the charge, a speeding ticket attorney in Marion County will fill out all necessary legal documentation and promptly submit it to the Clerk of the Court at the following address:

110 NW 1st Avenue,

Ocala, FL 34475

Following the submission of this plea, the speeding ticket lawyer in Marion County will examine the details of the situation in order to uncover the best possible defense. This legal representative will be responsible for paperwork and representation. Drivers are not required to attend court unless they choose to do so. Upon a driver’s request, the Ocala, Florida speeding ticket attorney can attend court in their place.

Possible Consequences for Paying a Fine

One common mistake drivers make is paying off a fine prior to consulting with an attorney under the assumption that the payment will resolve the situation. Fines for speeding in the State of Florida can range from $80 to more than $600. Typically, fines are determined based on the driver’s location and alleged speed at the time of the incident in question. Drivers accused of traveling at accelerated speeds in a school or construction zone are likely to pay double the average fine. What many drivers are unaware of is the fact that making a payment will also result in a blemish on their driver’s license in the form of three or four points. The chart below details the number of points required for a license to be revoked in the State of Florida.

12 Points Over the Course of a Year                                                              30 Day Suspension

18 Points Over the Course of a Year and a Half                                            90 Day Suspension

24 Points Over the Course of Three Years                                                     1 Year Suspension

Having your driver’s license suspended can affect your ability to work, travel and perform your daily routine. Additionally, points accrued on a driver’s license remain on record for a period of 3 to 5 years. In the meantime, current and possible future employers may view your driving record and reconsider hiring you or giving you a promotion. Many employers use driving records to determine the overall level of responsibility an employee exhibits.

Drivers who accrue points on their licenses also run the risk of paying higher insurance premiums. In some cases, insurance companies will deny coverage for drivers who have points on their licenses. For these reasons and many more, paying off a fine prior to consulting with an attorney can damage your credit in more ways than one. Having a qualified attorney submit your legal documents and represent you in the courtroom can save you from a great many hassles. If you fear your driving record, reputation, driving privileges, savings or all of the above are in jeopardy as a result of a Marion County speeding citation, it is in your best interest to contact on Ocala, Florida speeding ticket lawyer as soon as possible.

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