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In the calendar year 2013, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office in collaboration with the Florida Highway Patrol issued 1,846 speeding citations. This is an extremely high number when compared to the population of Washington County which falls just below 25,000 residents. Washington County’s strategic Florida Panhandle location along with its many attractions is the main reason the roads are monitored so closely. Washington County is a popular getaway for tourists and a popular gateway for commuters. If you have been cited for driving at an unlawful speed in Washington County, a speeding ticket attorney in Washington County can help you to better understand your charge and possible defenses.

The Charge You Are Currently Facing

As it stands, you are currently facing a speeding charge and the fines, fees, points and penalties associated with driving at an unlawful speed. What this means is that you have approximately 30 days to contact the Clerk of the Court if you wish to plead not guilty and possibly avoid further repercussions. If you hire a Chipley speeding ticket lawyer, your legal representative will submit this plea on your behalf to the Clerk of the Court and you will not have to trouble yourself with any legal documents. The Clerk of the Court can be reached at the following address:

Washington County Clerk of the Court, Traffic Department

PO Box 647

Chipley, Florida 32428

Following the submission of your legal documentation, your hearing will be held at the Washington County Courthouse which is located at1293 Jackson Avenue, Chipley, Florida 32428. You do not have to attend this hearing unless you choose to do so. Your legal representative can attend court in your place so that you will not have to take a day off from work in order to deal with this legal issue.

If you choose to waive your right to legal representation and simply pay off a fine, the charge you are facing will not go away. A fine payment is perceived by the state of Florida as an admittance of guilt. Any party found guilty of speeding in Washington County will have to deal with any or all of the following consequences:

  • Fines ranging from $80.50 to more than $600
  • Fees
  • 3 to 4 points being added to the driver’s license
  • Possible license suspension

In addition to the possibility of license suspension, drivers who accrue 3 to 4 points on their licenses might also experience:

  • Unemployment
  • Higher Insurance Premiums
  • The Loss of Insurance Coverage
  • Less Advancement Opportunities in the Workplace

A Chipley speeding ticket attorney can explain in detail how the point system works and how it affects all areas of life both on and off the road. Below is an overview of the point system as it may affect your driving privileges:

Number of Points Permitted in Florida in a Year——— 12 Points

Number of Points Permitted in Florida in a Year and a Half——— 18 Points

Number of Points Permitted in Florida in 3 Years——— 24 Points

The above chart only refers to the legal limit as it applies to an individual’s driving record. It does not reflect the fact that current and/or future employers reserve the right to judge an employee’s character based on their driving record. It is this aspect of the point system that can affect a driver’s career. It also does not reflect the fact that car insurance companies reserve the right to drop coverage for drivers they deem “high risk” as a result of points they have accrued on their licenses. Drivers with points that do not have their coverage dropped entirely could experience rates that are three or four times the average amount. A speeding ticket lawyer in Washington County can help drivers by suggesting alternative options in lieu of points.

The charge you are currently facing might seem minor at first glance, but a deeper look at the bigger picture shows how a speeding accusation could affect your life in a wide variety of ways. Don’t risk your freedom, your career or your reputation over a simple speeding charge. Contact a speeding ticket attorney in Chipley/Washington County to begin making steps toward safeguarding your future.

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