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The modestly populated, agricultural community that sits in the Florida Panhandle extending out into the Gulf of Mexico is known to residents and commuters as Taylor County. Home to approximately 22,570 Floridians, Taylor County is a natural North Florida paradise. Forest Capital Museum State Park pays tribute to Florida timber and enjoys an abundance of international guests. Those seeking history can find it in the Old Taylor County Jail and those seeking solitude need only look around. This hidden Florida gem also features St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge and easy access to the Gulf of Mexico.

Attraction equates to visitors and visitors can in turn, equate to driving mishaps. In 2013, thePerry Police Department, the Florida Highway Patrol andTaylor County’s Sheriff’s Department cited 1,722 drivers for speeding. If you have been cited for speeding in Taylor County you are not alone and there is something you can do to help preserve your license. You can contact a Taylor County speeding ticket attorney.

The Benefits of Obtaining Legal Representation

There are many steps in the judicial process that a driver must go through in order to fight back against a speeding charge. Obtaining a speeding ticket attorney in Perry City can help you to cut out many of these steps while increasing the chances of achieving a positive courtroom result. Firstly, a Taylor County speeding ticket attorney will be in charge of all of your legal documents, beginning with your plea of not guilty which must be submitted to the Clerk of the Court at108 North Jefferson Street, Perry, Florida within 30 days of the date you received your citation.

Secondly, a Perry City speeding ticket attorney can represent you in the courtroom at the above listed address on the date of your hearing. If you cannot afford to miss a day of work or a day at home for personal reasons, your presence will not be necessary as long as your legal representative attends. Prior to your hearing, your speeding ticket lawyer in Taylor County will utilize their knowledge of local traffic laws to help devise a defense that could result in reduction or elimination of fines, fees and/or other penalties.

Fines for Driving in a School Zone

Average speeding fines in Florida range from just below $100 to a little over $600 mainly depending on the driver’s level of acceleration at the time they received a citation. Another factor that can make a fine extremely high is location. Fines for driving either in school zones or construction zones tend to be double the average fine. Fines, when paid in full without the request of the hearing are viewed as an automatic admittance of guilt on behalf of the driver. Drivers commonly make the mistake of paying off a fine before examining the repercussions.

The Repercussions of Paying off a Fine or Being Found Guilty

Paying off a fine or being found guilty of a speeding charge will not only affect your savings, it can also affect your reputation. Another penalty associated with speeding is points on a driver’s license. These points, which are typically 3 to 4 in speeding cases, can damage a driver’s reputation beyond repair. Employers both past, present and future can review driving records at any time and use points as a determining factor when making hiring, firing and promotional decisions. Car insurance companies can deny coverage for drivers with an excessive amount of points. Many car insurance companies opt to raise insurance premiums to excessive levels for drivers who have points on their licenses. Points take a long time to go away, typically somewhere between three and five years.

Below you will find the number of points local law enforcement permits drivers to accrue.

12 Points—————– Over the Course of a Year

18 Points—————– Over the Course of a Year and a Half

24 Points—————– Over the Course of Three Years

There is an alternative to risking your license and reputation. Contact a Perry City speeding ticket lawyer to learn more about the many ways you can safeguard your freedoms.

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