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The modestly populated region of the Florida Panhandle known as Gulf County houses 15,683 residents year-round. Its beautiful sandy beaches and stretching miles of naturally secluded park land make it a popular home away from home for many vacationers. The St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge features close to 13,000 acres of varying natural habitats for people and endangered animals to enjoy. St. Vincent Island, one of the many habitats found inside of the wildlife refuge is both a natural escape and a historical site. Because Gulf County houses so many endangered species, this naturally protected area is also heavily patrolled. The following law enforcement agencies watch over the streets of Gulf County:

  • Port St. Joe Police Department
  • Florida Highway Patrol
  • Gulf County Sheriff’s Office

In the year 2013, the above-mentioned law enforcement agencies issued approximately 157 speeding citations. Hundreds more were handed out this year as well. If you have been accused of speeding in Gulf County, it is in your best interest to consult with a Gulf County speeding ticket lawyer within 30 days of receiving your citation.

Why Is It So Important to Obtain a Speeding Ticket Lawyer in Gulf County?

Consulting with a Port St. Joe speeding ticket lawyer is important because it can help you to avoid losing all of the following things as a result of your citation:

  • Your License
  • Your Savings
  • Your Freedoms
  • Your Reputation

Even if you feel you are guilty of driving at an accelerated speed, it is entirely possible that a speeding ticket attorney in Gulf County who is familiar with the area and the local laws could uncover a legitimate defense for your speed. Should you choose to simply pay the ticket in order to quickly resolve the matter, you should be fully aware of the fact that paying a ticket will result in the state of Florida assuming that you are guilty of a crime. Your driving record will then be marked with three or four points for speeding. Points accrued on a driver’s license can affect not only your driving privileges, but also your ability to become employed and maintain low car insurance premiums. If a driver accrues 12 or more points over the course of the year, 18 or more points in an 18 month period or 24 points in 36 months their license will be suspended. All of the following organizations are known for carefully reviewing driving records:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Insurance Companies
  • Future and/or Current Employers

Points accrued will remain on a driver’s record for anywhere from 3 to 5 years. If you fear you run the risk of accruing points on your license, a speeding ticket attorney in Gulf County can help you to review your options and possibly uncover alternatives to this repercussion.

Fines for Speeding in the State of Florida

In the year 2003, the State of Florida issued more than 4 million traffic citations. While fines may vary, the below chart depicts average fines within the state based on the location of the driver at the time they were cited and the number of miles per hour they were accused of exceeding.

6-9                                                                                           Between $76.00 & $80.50

6-9 in a school/construction zone                                                Approximately $161.00

10-14                                                                                  Between $137.50  & $155.50

10-14 in a school/construction zone                                            Approximately $311.00

15-19                                                                                  Between $158.50  & $180.50

15-19 in a school/construction zone                                              Approximately  $361.00

20-29                                                                                      Between $178.50 & $205.50

20-29 in a school/construction zone                                               Approximately $411.00

30 or more                                                                              Between $260.50 & $305.50

30 or more in a school/construction zone                                       Approximately $611.00

In order to help you avoid the fines, fees and legal repercussions commonly associated with speeding, a speeding ticket lawyer will fill out all of the paperwork for you, attend court for you and tirelessly investigate your individual case in order to build the best possible defense. This speeding ticket attorney in Port St. Joe will submit your plea of not guilty to the clerk of the court at the following Gulf County address: Gulf County Courthouse 1000 Cecil G. Costin, Jr. Boulevard, Port Saint Joe, Florida Incidentally, this is also the location where your hearing will take place. Get in touch with a speeding ticket lawyer in Port St. Joe today before the 30 day window you have to contest your charge closes.

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