Palm Beach County Speeding Ticket Lawyer – Speeding Ticket Attorney in Boca Raton

The streets of Palm Beach County bustle on a daily basis. This is a beautiful place to be discovered by all. Sightseeing, cruising and touring are common to the area which features nautical and historical attractions galore. Some of the most popular places in Palm Beach County include:

  • the John D MacArthur State Park
  • the Atlantic Coastline
  • Richard and Pat Johnson Palm Beach County History Museum
  • Ann Norton Sculptor Gardens
  • Boca Express Train Museum
  • Boca Raton Museum of Art
  • the Lighthouse Art Center
  • Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens
  • Yesteryear Village
  • I-95
  • The Florida Turnpike
  • US Rt 1
  • Palm Beach International Airport
  • Palm Beach County Park Airport
  • North Palm Beach County General Airport
  • Boca Raton Airport
  • the Port of Palm Beach
  • Palm Beach Atlantic University
  • Palm Beach Community College
  • Linking College of Technology

If you were accused of speeding in or near any of the above-mentioned locales, chances are you received your citation from one of the many local law enforcement agencies that patrol these Florida streets. Among them are:

  • Florida Highway Patrol
  • Boca Raton Police Department
  • Palm Beach Police Department
  • West Palm Beach Police
  • Delray Police Department
  • Boynton Beach Police Department
  • Riviera Beach Police Department
  • Palm Springs Police Department
  • Wellington Police Department
  • Tequesta Police Department
  • Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department

A combined effort between all of the above mentioned law enforcement agencies resulted in an astronomical number of speeding citations being handed out in the year 2013. The county has 75,359 speeding citations on record for that calendar year. Of the 75,359 drivers who were cited for speeding, it is important to point out that only 2,314 of them were found guilty of the charge. Hiring a Palm Beach County speeding ticket attorney really can turn your accusation around and cut out the many hassles associated with a guilty speeding verdict.

Palm Beach County Clerk of the Court

The Palm Beach County Clerk of the Court is located at205 North Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach, Florida. Drivers with speeding citations typically have 30 days to contact the clerk. Should you choose to obtain a West Palm Beach speeding ticket lawyer, this legal representative will submit your plea of not guilty to the clerk on your behalf. In addition, your speeding ticket lawyer in West Palm Beach can also attend court on your behalf. With a legal representative by your side you do not even need to miss a day of work to attend your hearing.

What Happens if you Pay the Ticket?

If you happen to pay the ticket in full after being cited for speeding, the state of Florida will recognize this as an admittance of your own guilt and will therefore treat you as a guilty party. Anyone found guilty of speeding in Palm Beach County will be penalized with fees and points in addition to their fine. If you were accused of speeding between 6 and 9 mph above the legal limit, your fine should be approximately $80.50 give or take. Drivers accused of speeding 10 to 14 mph above the legal limit usually receive a fine approximated at $155.50. Anything above that will fall into the price range of $200 to $300 or more. If you were accused of speeding in a construction zone or a school zone, your fine is probably double the average fine. Paying off a fine will not resolve the matter. In many cases it will actually make the matter worse.

A speeding ticket attorney in Palm Beach County can fully explain the details of penalties for paying off the ticket. One of the most important and often overlooked penalties is the points drivers accrue if they choose to go this route. Speeding points are typically 3 to 4 points depending on the speed of the driver. These points can add up rather quickly, affecting a wide variety of things in your daily life. Because future and/or current employers, law-enforcement agencies and insurance companies take these points into consideration when making decisions, drivers who have points may experience any or all of the below mentioned events:

  • Dropped Insurance Coverage
  • Higher Insurance Premiums
  • Job Loss
  • Less Career Opportunities
  • License Suspension

In order for a driver’s license to be suspended, they must accrue 12 or more points within the time span of a year, 18 or more points within the time span of a year and a half, or 24 or more points within the time span of three years. Points remain on a driver’s record for approximately 3 to 5 years. Over that period of time, they can do a lot of damage. If you fear your license, freedom and reputation are on the line as a result of a Palm Beach County speeding citation, it is in your best interest to immediately consult with a speeding ticket lawyer in Palm Beach County.

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