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Exploring the wonders of Charlotte County, Florida is the experience of a lifetime. Pine Island and Gaspar Island are two beautiful getaways included in this tropical County. From Cayo Costa and the Island Bay National Wildlife Refuge to the 17,000 acre Babcock Branch Reserve, Charlotte County houses a myriad of tour worthy attractions. In addition to the many nature walks and cozy islands found here, Charlotte County is also home to approximately 160,000 residents and a vast number of students who attend Edison College and Charlotte Technical Center. This midsized county draws a massive crowd and with it a great deal of motor vehicle and foot traffic. If you have been cited for speeding while visiting, commuting or traveling in Charlotte County, your case will be best represented by a Charlotte County speeding ticket lawyer who is familiar with the local laws and understands the legal process and the importance of your driving privileges.

The Importance of Your Plea

Upon receiving a citation for speeding, the average driver has approximately 30 days to respond to the Clerk of the Court with a plea. This plea will be the sole basis of your case. Should you choose to plead not guilty to the speeding accusation your Charlotte County speeding ticket lawyer will submit a letter to the courthouse at 227 Taylor Street, Punta Gorda, Florida. Many drivers are tempted to simply pay the ticket and forget about the whole experience, but by paying the ticket the state of Florida will accept the payment as proof that you are guilty of the crime. There can be multiple defenses for your actions that you yourself are unaware of. It is always in your best interest to consult with a speeding ticket attorney in Charlotte County prior to submitting any legal documentation that would incriminate you in any way.

The Consequences of Being Found Guilty of Speeding in Charlotte County

Speeding, like all other legal offenses, is a crime. Many drivers are of the belief that once you pay for the crime, you are off the hook. After consulting with a speeding ticket attorney in Punta Gorda, you’ll find that that is simply not the case. Below is a detailed list of the average fines associated with Florida speeding charges. Bear in mind that these fines can vary from county to county depending upon the situation.

6-9 Mph Above the Legal Limit                                                                                 $80.50

6-9 Mph Above the Legal Limit in a School or Construction Zone                           $161.00

10-14 Mph Over the Speed Limit                                                                               $155.50

10-14 Mph Above the Legal Limit in a School or Construction Zone                      $311.00

15-19 Mph Above the Legal Limit                                                                             $180.50

15-19 Mph Above the Legal Limit in a School or Construction Zone                       $361.00

20-29 Mph Above the Legal Limit                                                                             $205.50

20-29 Mph Above the Legal Limit in a School or Construction Zone                      $411.00

30+ Mph About the Legal Limit                                                                                $305.50

30+ Mph Above the Legal Limit in a School or Construction Zone                          $611.00

These fines may or may not be in addition to court fees and other expenses such as court mandated driver classes. Even if you pay the fines and fees, your punishment might not end there. Florida State driving laws work on a point system and each time you are found guilty of a traffic violation, points are added to your driving record. Should you accrue 12 points over the course of the year your driver’s license could be suspended. Even if you are fortunate enough to maintain your driver’s license in spite of a guilty verdict, possible future employers could hold these marks on your driving record as proof that you are an irresponsible individual. Insurance companies often raise the rates for drivers who are considered high risk. Accruing points on your license will make you appear to be a high-risk driver. This reputation can last for up to five years.

When Should You Hire a Speeding Ticket Lawyer in Charlotte County?

Whether you were cited on Melbourne Street/US 41 driving a mere 6 mph above the legal limit or you stand accused of speeding through a school zone on Kings Highway at more than 30 mph above the legal limit, you should consider hiring a Charlotte County or Punta Gordo speeding ticket lawyer as soon as possible. Obtaining legal assistance can have all of the following positive results:

  • You will not miss time from work (the lawyer will attend court and fill out all the paperwork for you)
  • Charges could be dropped or reduced
  • Your insurance premiums will not increase if you are deemed innocent
  • You will have the opportunity to build a strong defense that can protect you from losing your license, job or freedom

For the above-mentioned reasons you should hire a speeding ticket lawyer anytime you are accused of speeding.

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