Florida DHSMV Form 61071 Overview

Form 61071 – Florida Laser Speed Measurement Device Certification

If you have received a speeding ticket in the state of Florida, you must first determine whether your speed was measured by radar or by laser (or by some other method). Once you know the answer to that question, you and your traffic attorney will have a much better chance defending your position in a Florida court of law. DHSMV form 61071 is used for laser speed devices in Florida, and is a form your attorney will want to ask the ticketing officer to provide, for use in your defense. The form essentially certifies that the laser unit used to measure your speed has passed the necessary tests.

How Was the Laser Device Certified?

The manufacturer of the laser device will be noted, as well as the unit’s model and serial number.

The date the unit was tested will be noted; the unit must have been tested as described in the Florida Administrative Code, Chapter 15B-2, Speed Measuring Devices, Rule 15B-2.016 and have been found to be working properly. An actual distance measurement test is conducted, as well as a wavelength specification test. It will be noted on the form whether an average speed calculator is installed on the specific laser model. The power output of the device in microwatts is measured, as well as pulse width and pulse repetition rate. The device will be tested in the following categories with a pass/fail result:

  • Beam width
  • Sight alignment
  • Radio frequency interference
  • Low voltage supply alert
  • Radar/LIDAR verification test
  • Intermittent laser pulse test
  • Double pulse test

Who Certifies Laser Units in Florida?

At the bottom of Form 61071, a professional engineer/electronic technician will sign the form, adding their license number and address, certifying the device is working as it should. A witness signature is also required. All laser devices in the state of Florida, used by law enforcement, are subject to periodic testing at intervals not to exceed six months. A professional engineer or an electronic technician with a: Federal Communication Commission, General Radiotelephone Operator License or a certification issued by APCO, PCIA, NABER or NARTE must certify the laser unit.

More Information Regarding Laser Testing

Bench tests conducted on the laser unit verify the pulse train is free of double laser or intermittent laser pulses. Complete verification tests and velocity verifications will certify the laser speed output of the unit was compared to actual speed as verified by a certified radar device. The results must not be greater than plus or minus one foot for the distance tests and one mph for the speed test. The sighting device of the laser unit is checked to determine it remains within the laser beam at any distance from 500-3000 feet. If the laser unit uses an Average Speed Calculator as a separate feature, the ASC must be certified separately, in addition to the laser certification.

Documentation the Ticketing Officer Must Provide

If an electronic or mechanical speed measurement device was used in the issuance of your speeding ticket, the type of device and serial number of the device must be included on your citation. Any other relevant supporting documentation relating to the laser device must also be in the officer’s possession at the time of your court appearance. Additionally, you and your attorney have the right to review all documentation relating to the laser speed device prior to the court appearance.

How an Experienced Florida Traffic Ticket Attorney Can Help

While many people simply choose to pay their speeding ticket, there are a number of negative consequences associated with such action. By paying your Florida speeding ticket, you have pled guilty to the offense and received a conviction. This conviction will add points to your driving record and will result in a significant increase in your automobile insurance premiums. A much better option is to hire an experienced Florida speeding ticket lawyer to represent you in court and fight your speeding ticket.

Your traffic attorney can challenge the officer on several issues, and can challenge the accuracy of the laser unit used to measure your speed. It is certainly worthwhile to speak to a speeding ticket defense who will fight on your behalf to have your ticket dismissed, thereby reducing the negative and sometimes far-reaching consequences you could otherwise face. Our attorneys have a thorough knowledge of Florida traffic laws and have been helping people like you for many years. Call a lawyer from our traffic and speeding ticket defense law firm today.

Below you can find a copy of form 61071 that the ticketing officer must bring to court in order to prove that their laser speed measurement device was certified and working properly at the time the officer ticketed you for the alleged speeding offense in Florida:

laser speeding ticket defenses in florida

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