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East Florida’s treasured gem, St. Lucie County is a charming region overflowing with points of interest and attractions. Along the Atlantic coastline, tourists gather to watch the waves roll over the sandy beaches while an approximated 277,789 residents make their way around the region. As a result, high volumes of traffic can pile up unexpectedly, leading to driving errors and sometimes even citations. In 2013, local law enforcement issued 22,895 speeding citations to drivers in and around the area. Some of the most common major routes to receive a speeding citation in St. Lucie County include:

  • I-95
  • US 1
  • The Florida Turnpike
  • State Roads A1A, 68, 70, 614, 615, 716, 608, 607 and 713

The Fort Pierce Police Department, the Port St. Lucie Police Department, the St. Lucie Police Department, the Florida Highway Patrol, and St. Lucie Sheriff’s Office are always on standby seeking out speeders and handing out citations. They gather around on major highways and keep their eyes open for traffic violators in heavily traveled areas. Some of these areas include:

  • Navy UDT-Seal Museum
  • St. Lucie County International Airport
  • St. Lucie County Aquarium
  • St. Lucie County Regional History Center
  • Old Fork Park
  • Heathcote Botanical Gardens
  • Florida Atlantic University
  • Indian River State College
  • Keiser University
  • University of Florida
  • Barry University

Whether you were driving home from school or to the beach when you were cited for speeding in St. Lucie County, it is always in your best interest to consult with a St. Lucie County speeding ticket lawyer prior to submitting any legal documents.

Legal Documents

If you are interested in pleading not guilty to a speeding charge, it is very important that you submit your legal documents in a timely manner. Typically drivers are allotted approximately 30 days to submit their plea of not guilty to the Clerk of the Court in St. Lucie County. If you opt to hire a speeding ticket attorney in Port St. Lucie, this legal representative will submit the plea on your behalf. It will then be mailed to the following address:

201 South Indian River Drive,

Fort Pierce, Florida

Shortly after your plea has been submitted, you will be scheduled for a hearing. The hearing will take place at the same address but you do not have to attend. Your legal representative can attend court in your place if you so desire, leaving you with the option of not having to take a day off from work or a day away from your home. After the initial legal documentation has been submitted, your Port St. Lucie speeding ticket attorney will be in charge of all other legal documents. It is important to note that failure to submit a plea within the 30 day timeframe allotted will result in an automatic guilty verdict. The same is true if you decide to simply pay off the ticket.

If You Are Found Guilty of Speeding in St. Lucie County

If, for any reason, you are found guilty of speeding in St. Lucie County the typical fine associated with your charge is depicted in the chart below. If you were accused of speeding in a construction zone or in a school zone, your fine will probably be double the amount seen below.

Excessive speed of 6-9 mph above the legal limit                                                                     $80.50

Excessive speed of 10-14 mph above the legal limit                                                               $155.50

Excessive speed of 15-19 mph above the legal limit                                                                $180.50

Excessive speed of 20-29 mph above the legal limit                                                                $205.50

Excessive speed of 30 mph or more above the legal limit                                                         $305.50

In addition to these fines, which can usually be significantly reduced or even eliminated by a qualified St. Lucie County speeding ticket lawyer, anyone found guilty of speeding in St. Lucie County will receive an automatic three or four points added to their license. There is a limit to the number of points drivers can receive in the state of Florida. Anything above that limit can result in license suspension. As a general rule, drivers are allotted 12 points per year, 18 points per 18 months or 24 points in 36 months.

Points remain on a driver’s license for a time span ranging from 3 to 5 years. Over this time period, employers and insurance companies can penalize workers/drivers for the points on their licenses. Insurance companies often do this by increasing premiums or dropping coverage altogether. On the career front, drivers with points may experience any or all of the following:

  • Job Loss
  • Less New Career Opportunities
  • Missing Out on a Promotion
  • Hours Cut

A speeding ticket lawyer in St. Lucie County can help you to safeguard yourself from the many repercussions of a guilty verdict. Get in touch with a speeding ticket lawyer in Port St. Lucie County today to gain a better understanding of your options as a driver.

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