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Osceola County, located just outside of Orlando is a common tourist stop and commuter destination housing approximately 268,865 residents. Notorious for apple picking and its Medieval Times extravaganza, Osceola County sees a great deal traffic from people on their way to or from Walt Disney World, the Osceola Parkway, Orange Blossom Trail, the Florida Turnpike, State Roads 417 and 429 and the various colleges scattered throughout the County. Among them include:

  • Florida Technical College
  • Stetson University
  • Florida Christian College
  • Heritage University and Seminary
  • Valencia College

With so many attractions and so little time, drivers can sometimes get confused on the road. Minor road confusions can lead to dire consequences if a speeding citation is the end result. Being such a popular locale, the streets of Osceola County are heavily patrolled by:

  • The St. Cloud Police Department
  • The Kissimmee Police Department
  • The Florida Highway Patrol
  • Osceola County Sheriff’s Office

If you were cited for speeding in Osceola County you have approximately 30 days to respond to your citation by submitting a plea to the Clerk of the Court who is located in Courthouse Square at the following address:

The Osceola County Courthouse

2 Courthouse Square,

Kissimmee, FL 34741

Should you opt to obtain a speeding ticket attorney in Osceola County, your legal representative will fill out the paperwork on your behalf and submit it to the Clerk of the Court in a timely manner. Shortly afterwards, your hearing will be held at the same address. Your Kissimmee speeding ticket attorney can attend court on your behalf so you don’t even have to miss a day of work over the issue.

The Penalties You’re Facing

There are a wide variety of penalties associated with violating the laws of traffic. The most commonly known is, of course, the fine which can vary greatly depending on the speed and location of the driver at the time of the citation. Typically, fines for speeding are doubled in construction zones and schools zones. What many drivers are unaware of is the fact that paying a fine in full results in an automatic guilty verdict which then translates to points on the driver’s license.

Driving privileges can be revoked if too many points are accrued on a license over a certain period of time. In a one-year timeframe, drivers are allotted 12 or less points. In 1 ½ years, drivers are allotted 18 or less points. Over the course of three years, drivers are allotted 24 points. Points remain on a driving record for anywhere from 3 to 5 years and the average number of points for speeding is between three and four depending on the level of acceleration.

Even if you do not accrue enough points to have your driving privileges revoked, the chances of having your insurance dropped increase as points are added to your license. Insurance companies also maintain the right to raise rates for drivers who are considered “high risk”. High risk drivers could also have a tough time becoming or remaining employed. Future and/or current employers reserve the right to review driving records when making hiring, firing and promotional decisions. A speeding ticket attorney in Kissimmee can help you to devise a defense that will allow you to avoid these reputation damaging points. Given their lack of knowledge of local laws and local roads, it is always advisable for drivers to consult with a speeding ticket attorney in Osceola County prior to making any hasty decisions such as simply paying off the ticket or putting off the ticket in hopes that the issue will resolve itself.

In 2013, Osceola County issued an astonishing number of speeding citations to drivers in the area. To be exact, 24,924 speeding citations were handed out that year. Of the 24,924 citations, only 604 drivers were found guilty of the charge. Hiring a speeding ticket lawyer in Osceola County truly can turn your charges around. To learn more, contact an Osceola County speeding ticket attorney today.

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