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Along the Georgia borderline in beautiful North Florida sits the region known as Columbia County. This mid-sized county boasts approximately 70,000 residents and is known to be a tourist attraction and a haven for commuters. The bustle of Interstates 75 & 10, Routes US 41, US 90 and US 27 combined with the heavy foot and vehicle traffic brought about by the Lake City Farmer’s Market, Osceola Nature Preserve, Ichetucknee Nature Park and the local historic museum make Columbia County notorious for traffic citations. In 2003 alone, the State of Florida issued a surplus of more than 4 million tickets, many of which were handed out in Lake City and other popular sections of Columbia County. Just because speeding tickets are common doesn’t mean they should go overlooked. A guilty speeding verdict could result in the loss of your license and/or other freedoms. If you have received a speeding citation in the area, get in touch with a Lake City speeding ticket lawyer as soon as possible.

How to React to a Speeding Accusation

If you are staring at a Columbia County speeding citation at this very moment, chances are you were cited by one of the following organizations:

  • Florida Highway Patrol
  • Lake City Police Department
  • Columbia County Sheriff’s Department

The most advisable step to take in a situation like this is to obtain a Columbia County speeding ticket lawyer who will submit a plea of not guilty on your behalf to the Columbia County Clerk of the Court at 173 NE Hernando Avenue, Lake City, Florida 32055. You do have the option of pleading No Contest or paying the ticket which will leave the impression that you are guilty of speeding but these pleas should only be made as a last resort. Even if you think you are guilty of speeding down a Columbia County road or highway, a qualified speeding ticket attorney in Columbia County might review the details and discover defenses that hadn’t occurred to you. Bear in mind that there are certain limitations to pleading no contest and pleading guilty could not only hurt your driving record; it could also do damage to your personal reputation.

Penalties for Speeding in Columbia County, Florida

There are many penalties for speeding. Some are more obvious than others. The fine associated with your charge is probably printed on your citation. This fine could range from $76 to thousands of dollars depending upon the severity of your charge but it is not the only penalty you will incur if you are found guilty. There are also court fees to be considered and late fees should you opt to go on a payment plan. In many cases, there is even a fee for paying the ticket with your debit card.

Another penalty many drivers are unaware of is the points accrued on your license should you choose not to contest the ticket. Speeding charges typically carry between 3 and 4 points and drivers who receive more than 12 points in a year could be subject to license suspension, but the penalties do not end there either. These points are also used to access your level of responsibility and are often checked by current and/or future employers and car insurance companies. Accruing points could lead to elevated insurance premiums, job loss or a combination of the two.

There’s a lot Riding on Your Driver’s License

A speeding ticket lawyer in Columbia County can further explain the fine print to you, but one thing you should be aware of is the fact that speeding is a crime and being convicted of this crime could leave your record with a blemish that will remain there for three to five years. Should you opt to obtain a Columbia County speeding ticket lawyer to aid you in avoiding the penalties associated with a speeding accusation, this legal representative will fill out all of your paperwork, attend court in your place and help you to build the best defense possible. Contact a Lake City speeding ticket attorney today to get informed about your driving record.

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