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With beautiful Santa Rosa County sprawled out before you on the open road, you will find the Gulf of Mexico, Alabama and all of the wonders of Florida within your reach. This charming region features an abundance of wildlife, history, artistry and cuisine. With places like Santa Rosa Island, Santa Rosa Sound, Pensacola Bay and East Bay all around you it is easy to get wrapped up in the beautiful scenery. Approximately 151,372 residents have found a home in Santa Rosa County. Among them are the many college students attending Pensacola State College’s Milton Campus. Tourists and commuters also travel through, congesting heavily traveled roads like US Highway 98, State Road 87 and State Route 41. Occasionally, heavy traffic and/or extreme road conditions can give way to driving errors that may lead to speeding citations. If you have been cited for speeding in Santa Rosa County, your best defense can be found by consulting with a speeding ticket lawyer in Santa Rosa County.

The Consequences You May be Facing

The roads of Santa Rosa County are heavily patrolled by:

  • Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Department
  • Florida Highway Patrol
  • Milton Police Department
  • Gulf Breeze Police Department
  • Jay Police Department

If any of the above-mentioned law enforcement agencies accused you of traveling at unlawful speeds within the region, you may be facing hefty fines related to your speed and location at the time of the incident. These fines can be significantly reduced with the help of a Santa Rosa County speeding ticket attorney. Below you will find a list of average fines. Bear in mind that fines are usually doubled if a defendant stands accused of traveling at unlawful speeds while in a construction zone. The same is true if the defendant stands accused of traveling at unlawful speeds while in a school zone.

Drivers clocked at between 6 and 9 mph over the speed limit   $80.50

Drivers clocked at between 10 and 14 mph over the speed limit  $155.50

Drivers clocked at between 15 and 19 mph over the speed limit   $180.50

Drivers clocked at between 20 and 29 mph over the speed limit    $205.50

Anything above 29 mph can result in a fine of approximately $300 or more. If you choose to pay off your fine prior to obtaining a Milton speeding ticket attorney, you will automatically be found guilty of this Florida crime.

A guilty finding can lead to even more consequences because drivers found guilty of speeding will also accrue points on their licenses. For drivers accused of speeding by 16 mph or less, the average number of points accrued will be three. Anything above that can equate to four or more points automatically added to the driver’s license. Below you will find the number of points allotted for specific time period within the state of Florida. Anything above the legal limit can result in the revocation of driving privileges.

Number of points allotted in 12 months                                                         12 Points or Less

Number of points allotted in 18 months                                                         18 Points or Less

Number of points allotted in 36 months                                                         24 Points or Less

Drivers who manage to remain within the allotted number of points can still be hurt if points end up on their licenses. License suspension is just one of many consequences that can come about as a result of points. Drivers may also come across career roadblocks due to the fact that current and/or future employers tend to judge their employees based on driving records. Additionally, drivers with points could lose their car insurance coverage or be forced to pay premiums that are three or four times higher than the average driver. A speeding ticket attorney in Milton can help by suggesting alternative penalties that will have a less negative effect on your future.

If you wish to plead not guilty and fight back against this speeding accusation, it is best to enlist the help of a speeding ticket lawyer in Milton, Florida. This legal representative will submit your plea to the Clerk of the Court at6865 Caroline Street, Milton, Florida. Shortly afterwards, they will attend court at the same address either with you or in your place. Save yourself the hassle of risking your reputation over an unlawful speeding accusation by contacting a Santa Rosa County speeding ticket lawyer immediately.

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