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Glades is a modestly populated County with just under 15,000 residents yet even with the population being so low, 1,945 speeding tickets were issued here in 2013 alone. The Glades County Sheriff’s Office, Moore Head Police Department and The Florida Highway Patrol tirelessly monitor the streets of Glades County seeking out speed offenders and handing out citations. The Florida Heartland has quite the reputation for its alligators and its speeding citations. Some of the most common places to be cited for speeding in the area include:

  • Brighten Seminole Indian Reservation
  • Lakeport
  • Palmdale
  • Moore Haven
  • US 27
  • Lake Okeechobee
  • Moore Haven Downtown Historic District
  • The Historic Red Barn

Glades County is home to the second largest lake in the United States. With a breezy, tropical climate, a beautiful natural landscape and thousands of acres of natural lands, Glades County is a little-known hub for boaters and an escape for nature lovers. The ever-changing climate and road conditions can make for quite a slippery drive. If you have been cited for speeding in Glades County, a Glades County speeding ticket attorney could easily argue that your case had much to do with the rough terrain. Even if you believe you are guilty of speeding, you should carefully examine your options before entering a guilty or no contest plea.

Obvious and Less Obvious Penalties for Speeding

At the scene of a traffic crime, a law enforcement official is likely to hand an accused driver a ticket stating the price of the fine they will be held responsible for paying if found guilty of violating local traffic laws. This fine can range, with $76 being at the low-end for drivers accused of exceeding the speed limit by just 6 mph. On the other end of the scale, fines for driving at excessive speeds or speeding while in a school or construction zone are often doubled, capping off at $611 per offense or more. Should you choose to pay for the ticket out of pocket, there are some other less obvious penalties for speeding that you may be unaware of. For example, a payment made on a speeding ticket will result in the state of Florida’s assumption that you are, in fact, guilty of a crime. Being found guilty of a crime any sort, can adversely affect your reputation. For drivers, it is the driving record that will be affected. Any defendant found guilty speeding will be subject to three or more points on their license. These points can affect driving privileges both now and in the future. Drivers who accrue 12 or more points over the course of a year, 18 or more points over the course of 18 months or 24 points in a 36 month period can be subject to license suspension lasting for a month or year or longer. A speeding ticket lawyer in Glades County can go over the amount of points you might have added to your license. Bear in mind the fact that it is not just law enforcement that reviews these points and uses them to determine your level of responsibility. Insurance companies also make note of these points, often using them as a way to gage whether or not an individual should be considered a high-risk driver. High risk drivers typically pay 3 to 4 times more for car insurance when compared to the average driver. Current and/or possible future employers often review driving records when making hiring and promotion decisions. If you fear you are at risk of accruing points on your driving license, it is a good idea to consult with a speeding ticket lawyer in Glades County.

Hiring a Speeding Ticket Attorney in Glades County

If you’ve been accused of speeding, you’ve been accused of a crime. Conviction of that crime could damage your driving record, your reputation and your quality of life. A Lakeport speeding ticket attorney is well-versed with the necessary legal knowledge that can help drivers to build their best defense against any legal accusation. Should you choose to hire a Palmdale or Lakeport speeding ticket lawyer, this legal representative will fill out all of your paperwork and attend court for. Contact a speeding ticket attorney in Glades County today to avoid the hassle of possibly losing your license, your freedom and your savings.

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