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Hernando De Soto, founder of DeSoto County would have been proud to see the popularity this cozy little county has accrued over the years. Home to a sizable population that rounds off at just under 35,000 residents, Desoto County is famous for housing Florida’s oldest rodeo along with a myriad of tourist driven attractions which include a large rare cat exhibit and quaint streets lined with antique and collectible shops. DeSoto County draws in crowds with its multitude of attractions and students with its South Florida Community College Campus nestled right into the heart of Arcadia City.

The popularity of DeSoto County doesn’t mean the region is without certain flaws, one of which is the vast number of speeding tickets handed out in the region. Because DeSoto County intersects with US 41, Highway 70, Highway 17 and Kings Highway, the DeSoto County Sherriff’s Office and the Florida Highway Patrol are constantly on the lookout for drivers violating speed laws. If you have been cited for speeding in DeSoto County, you are currently facing a civil infraction and should enlist the assistance of a DeSoto County speeding ticket lawyer immediately.

The Law Doesn’t Waste Time & Neither Should You

Being convicted of a crime, even one that appears minor like speeding, could hinder your future in more ways than you might realize. Upon receiving a speeding citation, the average driver is allotted a maximum of 30 days to respond to the Clerk of the Court at 115 East Oak Street, Arcadia, Florida 34266 with a written plea of guilty, not guilty or no contest. Deciding which plea is best for your situation is a matter you should openly discuss with your Arcadia City speeding ticket lawyer prior to making a hasty decision.

One common mistake drivers make when cited for speeding is paying off the ticket under the misconception that the matter will be resolved after the payment has been received. This is not the case. In fact, the complete opposite is true. There are time sensitive legal limits that are placed on your driving privileges and paying off a speeding ticket will often result in accruing 3-4 points on your license. These points will carry over year after year for a maximum of 5 years. If during the five years, you should happen to accrue even more points, you run the risk of losing your license, your freedom and in some cases even your job.

Employers and law enforcement officials aren’t the only ones keeping a close eye on your driving record. Car insurance companies are checking into it too. Due to this aspect of the point system, drivers could be subject to higher insurance premiums as a result of paying a ticket. Obtaining an Arcadia speeding ticket lawyer is the best option you have when it comes to securing your freedom, your savings and your reputation.

The Importance of Location as it Relates to Speeding

In cases where a defendant stands accused of speeding, location is often a key element in the hearing. In the chart below, you will find a detailed list of average fines associated with speeding. Typically, drivers are charged double if they are found guilty of speeding in a school or construction zone. This chart displays the number of miles per hour a driver was accused of exceeding.

6-9                                                       $76.00 with traffic school/$80.50 without traffic school

6-9 in a school/construction zone                                                                                $161.00

10-14                                                   $137.50 with traffic school/$155.50 without traffic school

10-14 in a school/construction zone                                                                            $311.00

15-19                                                   $158.50 with traffic school/$180.50 without traffic school

15-19 in a school/construction zone                                                                            $361.00

20-29                                                   $178.50 with traffic school/$205.50 without traffic school

20-29 in a school/construction zone                                                                            $411.00

30 or more                                           $260.50 with traffic school/$305.50 without traffic schools

30 or more in a school/construction zone                                                                    $611.00

Should you choose to fight your accusation with the help of a legal representative you will not be burdened with filling out paperwork or even attending court. Your speeding ticket lawyer in Arcadia, Florida can attend court in your place and fill out all the required paperwork. Don’t let this speeding accusation give way to an unnecessary guilty verdict. Contact a speeding ticket lawyer in DeSoto County as soon as possible to avoid the repercussions.

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