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Wakulla County is a historically rich, nationally protected region in the state of Florida with approximately 30,776 residents. Tourist destinations such as forts, swimming holes, springs and nature preserves are all around. It is a commonly known hub of transportation featuring railroads, airports, seaports, trails and more. Its ties to the Civil War make it a common pit stop for many a traveler on the go. Several major routes traverse the area such as US 98, US 19 and State Roads to 267, 363 and 375. Law enforcement is on standby in Wakulla County seeking out speeders and handing out citations. In 2013, drivers traveling through Wakulla County received speeding citations right and left. Exactly 1,562 drivers were accused of speeding by local law enforcement. Some of the areas most commonly cited include:

  • Fort Lawson
  • Fort Many
  • Fort Number 5
  • Fort Stansbury
  • Fort Port Leon
  • Apalachicola National Forest
  • St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge
  • Wakulla Springs State Park
  • the Wakulla County Airport
  • Wakulla Springs

If you were cited for speeding by the Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office, the sooner you contact a Wakulla County speeding ticket attorney, the sooner you can move forward with building a strong defense.

How to Plead Not Guilty to a Speeding Charge

In Wakulla County, drivers are typically allotted approximately 30 days to plead not guilty to a speeding charge. The way this process works is by making contact with the Clerk of the Court. This is a task that is best left up to a Wakulla County speeding ticket attorney who has knowledge and experience dealing with legal documents. A St. Marks speeding ticket lawyer will fill out the necessary paperwork for you and mail it promptly to the Clerk of the Court at3056 Crawfordville Highway, Crawfordville, FL 32327. Afterwards, your speeding ticket lawyer in Wakulla County can assist you in remembering details that might prove your innocence or reduce your charge. Your hearing will take place at the above listed address but you do not have to attend. Your legal representative can stand in on your behalf if you so choose.

Why it’s Worth it to Plead Not Guilty

While it might seem like a hassle to go to all the trouble pleading not guilty, please bear in mind that whether your fine is less than $100 or more than $600, it is not the only penalty associated with a speeding charge. Fines in school and/or construction zones are often double the average fine.

The main reason it is worth it to submit a not guilty plea is the points that are associated with speeding. Typically, drivers found guilty of speeding can expect to accrue three or more points on their driver’s licenses. These points can affect your ability to drive both now and in the future. If law enforcement gets wind of the fact that you have accrued more than 12 points in the course of a year, more than 18 points in the course of a year and a half or more than 24 points in the course of three years, your driving privileges will be suspended.

Driver’s license suspension is just one of the many consequences that can occur as a result of accruing points on your driver’s license. Other common occurrences include experiencing higher insurance premiums, finding less employment opportunities or even losing your current job. A Wakulla County speeding ticket lawyer can fully explain how points affect the driver’s reputation and why they are so important to car insurance companies and employers.

Submit your Not Guilty Plea Without Delay

Minor details regarding your individual case could make all the difference in the world when building your best defense. Hesitating to plead could mean losing access to time sensitive evidence. Contacting a speeding ticket attorney in Wakulla County immediately after receiving your citation is the best way to avoid the repercussions of being found guilty of speeding.

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