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Beautiful Indian River County, nestled right in the heart of the majestic Treasure Coast region of Florida boasts close to 140,000 residents. This record-breaking county has graced the top 100 for riches counties in America. It is currently the sixth richest in the state. Featuring an acclaimed education system, a myriad of nationally protected areas, a strategic beach locale, enchanting islands and captivating historical sites, it is easy to see why Indian River County has made it to the top of so many lists. Some of the many attractions of Indian River County include:

  • Vero Beach
  • Archie Car National Wildlife Refuge
  • Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge
  • Pelican Island
  • Indian River Shores
  • Sebastian
  • Fellsmere
  • Orchid Island
  • McKee Jungle Gardens
  • Old Town Sebastian Historic District
  • Barry University Vero Beach
  • Indian River State College

With hundreds of thousands of residents, beach goers and endangered species to protect, Indian River County takes highway safety seriously. In 2013, the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office in collaboration with the Florida Highway Patrol law issued 7,141 speeding tickets to drivers. If you are one of the thousands of drivers accused of exceeding the speed limit in Indian River County, a speeding ticket attorney in Vero Beach can help you to gain a full understanding of your options.

Submitting a Plea

Submitting a plea to the Clerk of the Court can be a complicated procedure which is why your Indian River County speeding ticket lawyer is in charge of taking care of that for you. All legal documentation regarding your plea on the charge will be filled out by your speeding ticket attorney in Vero Beach and mailed to the following address:

P.O. Box 1028, Vero Beach, FL 32961-1028

Drivers should be aware of the fact that there is only a 30 day window allotted for submitting a plea of not guilty.

Possible Penalties Drivers Face when Charged with Speeding in Indian River County

Whether you were heading back from a university, taking in the sights of Sebastian’s historic district, escaping into an island paradise, discovering a new endangered species or simply making your way into the office when you were cited, the reality of speeding in Indian River County is that it can come with a price. More accurately, speeding in Indian River County is associated with a multitude of prices. Starting with a fine that can range from $70 to more than $600 depending on speed and location and ending with the possibility of losing driving privileges, the possible penalties drivers can face when charged with speeding in Indian River County is vast. Below are the average fines.

6-9 Miles Over the Limit                                                                                   $80.50

Same Mileage in a School or Construction Zone                                                $161.00

10-14 Miles Over the Limit                                                                               $155.50

Same Mileage Mph in a School or Construction Zone                           $311.00

15-19 Miles Over the Limit                                                                               $180.50

Same Mileage in a School or Construction Zone                                               $361.00

20-29 Miles Over the Limit                                                                               $205.50

Same Mileage Mph in a School or Construction Zone                           $411.00

30+ Mph                                                                                                           $305.50

Same Mileage in a School or Construction Zone                                                 $611.00

It is common for fines in a school or construction zone to be doubled. Contact a speeding ticket lawyer in Indian River County if you have questions about your fine.

Another less obvious penalty commonly associated with being found guilty of speeding is points on a driver’s license. Typically, the number of points for speeding ranges from 3 to 4 depending on the driver’s speed. It is notable to mention that drivers are only allotted 12 points per year, 18 points per 18 months and 24 points per 36 months before their driving privileges are subject to be revoked.

In addition to the possibility of losing your driving freedoms, other freedoms can also be at stake as a result of these points. Possible future employers often gage a hiring prospect’s level of responsibility by reviewing their driving records. Insurance companies often raise premiums three or four times the average amount for drivers who have accrued points on their licenses. A Vero Beach speeding ticket attorney can help drivers to avoid these points altogether.

Reasons It Is Best to Obtain a Speeding Ticket Attorney in Indian River County Promptly

Evidence pertaining to weather, road and traffic incidents can often be time sensitive making speeding tickets an issue that should not be delayed. Promptly obtaining a speeding ticket attorney in Vero Beach can lead to all of the following positive results:

  • Dropped Charges
  • Fine Reductions
  • Access to Alternatives Options such as Traffic School
  • The Opportunity to Build a Strong Defense
  • The Preservation of Your License and Reputation

Consult with a speeding ticket lawyer in Indian River County to start working on a defense that will help you to hold on to your driving privileges.

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