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Seminole County, with approximately 422, 718 residents is rapidly growing in popularity, maintaining a reputation for the preservation of nature along with excellence in dining and entertainment. People travel from far and wide along Interstate 4, US 92, State Road 46 and the Seminole Expressway in order to arrive at one of the many Seminole County attractions. Among them are:

  • Wekiva River
  • Monroe Harbour Marina
  • Fun 2 Dive
  • Mosquito Coast Fishing Charters
  • U-Sail
  • The Gators Nest
  • Lake Jesup Park
  • Lake Jesup Wilderness
  • Paw Park

With boats paddling in, hikers climbing through, zip lines traveling across and motor vehicles taking off in every direction, driving errors can easily happen and speeding tickets are a common occurrence. In the year 2013 alone, 11,727 speeding citations were issued by the following agencies in the area:

  • The Florida Highway Patrol
  • Seminole County Sheriff’s Office
  • Lake Mary Police Department
  • Longwood Police Department
  • Altamonte Springs Police Department
  • Oviedo Police Department
  •  Sanford Police Department
  • Winter Springs Police Department
  • Casselberry Police Department

If you are one of the many drivers who currently stand accused of speeding in Seminole County, your best bet is to contact a speeding ticket attorney in Sanford without delay.

What to do If You Have Been Accused of Speeding

The first and best way to react to a speeding citation is to get in touch with a Seminole County speeding ticket attorney. This legal representative will be able to explain the charges you are facing and help you to re-examine the incident all the while building your best courtroom defense. You should be aware of the fact that drivers are typically granted a 30 day window to contact the Clerk of the Court and submit their plea of not guilty. If you choose to enlist the help of a legal representative, they can walk you through this process by filling out your legal documents for you and mailing them to the appropriate address. Due to the fact that hearings and legal documents within the county are assigned to a wide variety of addresses, even step number one can be difficult to achieve on your own.

If you have been accused of speeding in Sanford, the address is300 North Park Avenue, Sanford, FL. If you have been accused of speeding inAltamonte Springs, the address is 225 Newburyport Avenue, Altamonte Springs, FL. If you have been accused of speeding inLake Mary, the address is 100 N. Country Club Boulevard, Lake Mary, FL. If you have been accused of speeding inWinter Springs, the address is 1126 East Highway 434, Winter Springs, FL.

Just as minor mistakes on the road can lead to speeding citations, minor mistakes when filling out paperwork can lead to dire consequences. Individuals who pay their fine in full or mail their plea to the wrong address will automatically receive a guilty verdict. Fines can range from just below $100 to more than $600 depending on the defendant’s speed and location at the time of receiving a citation. Typically, fines are drastically higher if a driver stands accused of speeding in a construction zone or in a school zone. Hiring a Sanford speeding ticket attorney can result in having your fine lowered or eliminated altogether. It can also mean avoiding other penalties such as points which could affect your ability to drive in the future.

The Point System

Drivers found guilty of speeding in Seminole County run the risk of having three or four points automatically added to their driver’s license. Legally, drivers are only permitted 12 points in a year, 18 points in a year and a half and 24 points over the course of three years before their driving privileges can be suspended but license suspension is not the only consequence of points. Points can also affect a driver’s career prospects, particularly if a current or future employer decides to judge them based on their driving record. In addition to missing out on job and/or promotional opportunities, drivers with points could also have their car insurance dropped or be forced to pay excessive insurance premiums in order to remain covered while on the road.

There is a way to protect yourself from the many consequences associated with a guilty speeding verdict. Contact a Seminole County speeding ticket lawyer so you can find out how legal representation can save you your time, your money and your reputation.

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