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Approximately 15,000 people call Jefferson County, Florida their home. This beautifully landscaped, modestly populated region is adorned with horse and buggies, historical landmarks and world-class go kart racing attractions. While speeding down the runway is encouraged on occasion, law enforcement agencies like the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, the Florida Highway Patrol and the Monticello Police Department frown upon speeding that happens along the major roadways. In 2013 alone, Jefferson County law enforcement officials issued 3,453 speeding tickets. This number is extremely high, especially when compared to the population. If you are one of the thousands of drivers who was cited for speeding in Jefferson County, Florida, it is in your best interest to immediately contact a Jefferson County speeding ticket attorney.

Jefferson County: The Only Place in Florida to Access Georgia and the Gulf of Mexico

Jefferson County holds a special place in Florida and not just because of its history. It happens to be the only place in the entire state of Florida where drivers can access Georgia or the Gulf of Mexico. In the meantime, they’re welcome to stop in and visit all of the following attractions:

  •  Aucilla River
  • Wacissa River
  • Lake Miccosukee
  • St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge

Jefferson County is traversed by US 19 and 27, the Florida/Georgia Parkway as well as Interstate 10. Archaeological and ecological sites are scattered around tumbling streams, rivers, and fishing preserves and woodlands. It serves up quite a dose of southern charm and modern-day convenience. Unfortunately, the allure of the region also brings about traffic congestion and occasionally confusion. Even if you think you are guilty of speeding down a Jefferson County Road, your speeding ticket lawyer in Monticello could uncover possible defenses for your actions that you might not have been otherwise aware of.

What to Do About Your Citation

Hesitating is one of the biggest mistakes any individual accused of a crime can make. Immediately after being cited for speeding in Jefferson County, it is important to contact a Jefferson County speeding ticket attorney who will carefully review your case. Should you choose to plead not guilty to this crime, your speeding ticket attorney in Jefferson County will submit all the necessary legal documentation to the Clerk of the Court within a 30 day time period. It will arrive promptly at the Jefferson County Courthouse which is located at 1 Courthouse Circle, Monticello, FL 32344. This is also the location where the hearing will take place. Should you choose to be present, your Monticello speeding ticket attorney, yourself, the arresting officer and any or all witnesses will gather at the Jefferson County Courthouse. It is notable to point out the fact that your presence is not required. Your speeding ticket attorney in Jefferson County can attend court in your place if you so desire.

Fines for Speeding and Ways to Reduce the Penalties

The average fine for speeding between 6 and 9 mph outside of a school or construction zone is approximately $80.50. This fine can be doubled if the defendant was accused of exceeding the speed limit by the same number of miles per hour except in a school zone. Fines and penalties increase dramatically depending on the alleged speed and location of the driver at the time of the incident in question.  If your fine is on the low-end you should be aware of the fact that paying the fine will not eliminate the problem. In fact, this payment can work against you in more ways than one.

Points for Speeding

The State of Florida recognizes payment of a speeding citation as an admittance of guilt from the driver. Should a driver simply choose to pay the fine, this admittance of guilt will usually result in 3 to 4 points being added to that driver’s record. Drivers are only permitted 12 points per year, 18 points per 18 months or 24 points per 36 months before their driving eligibility can be denied. Points remain on a driver’s record for anywhere from 3 to 4 years causing an incredible amount of irreparable damage along the way.

All of the following organizations are serious about reviewing driving records:

  • Law Enforcement Agencies (they can suspend licenses for points)
  • Possible Future Employers (they can deny you a job because of points)
  • Current Employers (they can terminate your employment because of points)
  • Car Insurance Companies (they can raise your rates as a result of points accrued)

There is a lot more riding on your driver’s license than you might have realized. Contact a speeding ticket lawyer in Jefferson County for more information and to hear about the ways these penalties can be avoided.

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