Speeding Ticket Lawyer in Sarasota, Florida: Proudly Serving Sarasota County Drivers

Sarasota County, Florida is a beautiful place to reside in, drive through and visit but with close to 400,000 residents and an abundance of local attractions, it’s also a common place to be cited with a speeding violation. In 2013, local law enforcement cited 18,592 drivers for speeding. If you stand accused of driving even 6 mph above the legal limit, your driving privileges could be in jeopardy. Questions concerning Sarasota County speeding citations are best answered via a qualified Sarasota County speeding ticket attorney prior to your making a courtroom appearance.

Common Places in Sarasota County, Florida to be Pulled Over for Speeding

Sarasota County is a popular destination. It houses Bradenton, Sarasota and a vast number of majestic sandy beaches. Along the Gulf of Mexico gateway and near Siesta Key, there are also a great deal of speed traps and Sarasota County officials lined up to cash in on unsuspecting drivers. Whether you were rushing to get to a Bulls game or driving home from one of the local universities, it is quite possible that you landed under a traffic cops’ radar. Some of the most common places to be cited for speeding include:

  • Interstate 75
  • Highway 301
  • Highway 41
  • Siesta Beach
  • Sarasota Bay
  • The Ringling Museum of Art
  • Sarasota Opera House
  • Ed Smith Stadium
  • Sarasota County Fair
  • Keiser University
  • FSU College of Medicine
  • New College of Florida

The Benefits of Hiring a Sarasota County Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Speeding violations can equate to hefty fines and additional penalization even for first time offenders. Hiring a speeding ticket attorney in Sarasota County can help to:

  • Reduce the Initial Charge
  • Have all Charges Dropped
  • Build a Winning Defense
  • Avoid Possible Imprisonment
  • Avoid Possible License Suspension
  • Reduce the Risk of Higher Car Insurance Rates
  • Avoid Spending Time in Court
  • Avoid Possible Job Loss

Many drivers are unaware of the repercussions of simply paying off a ticket. Paying off the ticket is an admittance of guilt. This admittance results in points on your license and these points can result in a license suspension, possible job loss or loss of wages due to lack of transportation. Representing yourself in court against the speeding charge can be equally detrimental and definitely time consuming. A speeding ticket attorney in Sarasota will fill out the paperwork and attend court for you, so you can concentrate on more important tasks and not have to miss time from work.

Fines Associated with Speeding Violations

The typical fines for speeding in Sarasota County, Florida are highlighted in the chart below. These numbers are reflective of the average ticket price but individual fines could fluctuate.

6 to 9 MPH Over $80.50
10 to 14 MPH Over $155.50
15 to 19 MPH Over $180.50
20 to 29 MPH Over $205.50
30 MPH + Over $305.50

One factor that could increase the amount owed is speeding through a school or construction zone. The minimum fine for speeding through a school zone in Sarasota is $156. Drivers accused of going more than 20 mph above the legal limit in a school zone should expect to pay approximately $456, not to mention court fees and payment fees which are 3.5 % if you opt to pay the ticket with your bank card. If you have received a ticket for more than the average amount, a speeding ticket lawyer in Sarasota County can help to reexamine these figures while providing you with an overview of what comes next in the legal process.

What to Do Upon Receipt of a Speeding Citation

Within the first thirty days of receiving the citation, you should contact the Sarasota County Clerk of Court. If your citation derived from any of the following law enforcement agencies:

  • Longboat Key police
  • New College Police
  • University of South Florida Police
  • City of Sarasota police
  • Venice Police Department
  • Florida Department of Wildlife Conservation Commission
  • Sarasota Airport Police

you must respond in writing and deliver your plea to the Sarasota County Courthouse at 2002 Ringling Blvd, Sarasota, Florida if you wish to fight the accusation. If you plead not guilty to the charge, a speeding ticket attorney in Sarasota County can instruct you on plea bargaining and also walk you through the details of defending yourself in court. Points, suspensions and excessive fines don’t have to be the end result of your speeding accusation. Promptly contacting a speeding ticket lawyer in Sarasota County can help to keep you in the drivers’ seat.

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