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Union County is home to approximately 15,535 residents and an abundance of wildlife, fruits, vegetables and nature trails. Strategically located right at the heart of North Florida, Union County is often traveled by commuters, tourists and residents. In 2013 the Florida Highway Patrol in collaboration with the Union County Sheriff’s office cited 342 drivers for traveling at unlawful speeds. While speeding may seem like a minor crime, there’s really no such thing. Being found guilty of speeding in Union County can damage your reputation and your way of life. If you fear your driving privileges could be revoked either now or in the future as a result of a Union County speeding charge, a Union County speeding ticket lawyer can provide you with useful information via a free case evaluation.

School Zones and/or Construction Areas

If your fine for speeding appears excessive, it is possible that you were accused of traveling at an unlawful speed while in a school zone or in a construction area. Fines in these places are typically double that of an average fine. Average fines can range from $80.50 for driving just 6 mph above the legal limit to more than $600. Prior to paying off a fine, it is best to consult with a speeding ticket attorney in Lake Butler to review options such as traffic school that could result in a fine reduction.

High Risk Drivers are Penalized in Many Ways

In addition to fines and fees, drivers accused of speeding also run the risk of being deemed a high risk driver as a result of their actions. The main reason for this is the driving point system. Drivers who are found guilty of speeding either because they did not win at their hearing or because they payed a fine (which the state of Florida recognizes as an admittance of guilt) are subject to accrue between three and four points on their driver’s licenses. Drivers with points can get a reputation for being “high risk” both on and off the road.

There are three major companies who have a vested interest in your driving record. The first is local law enforcement. Law enforcement agencies pay close attention to points and drivers who exceed the number of points allotted for a specific time period. The number of points a driver is permitted over the course of a year is 12. The number of points a driver is permitted over the course of a year and a half is 18. Drivers are only permitted 24 points over the course of three years, making it entirely possible for drivers who accrue points now to have their licenses revoked in the future.

Points remain on a driver’s record for a stretch of time that ranges between three and five years. Over this time period, companies other than law enforcement may review these records and use them to make decisions. Car insurance companies are notorious for dropping coverage for drivers who accrue too many points. For drivers who are fortunate enough to keep their insurance with points on their record, rates tend to be 3 to 4 times the amount the average driver would pay. Employers such as corporations often review driving records when making career decisions. Points on a driver’s license can damage your career in all of the following ways:

  • You could lose your job
  • You might miss out on promotional opportunities
  • You could be denied employment in the future

A speeding ticket attorney in Union County can provide a great deal of help to drivers in need. The first thing a Lake Butler speeding ticket attorney will take care of is legal documents. This means that your legal representative will fill out all documents for you and submit your not guilty plea to the Clerk of the Court in a timely manner at the following address:

55 Main Street,

Lake Butler, FL 32054

After gathering evidence that could prove your innocence or reduce your charge, your speeding ticket lawyer in Union County can also attend court in your place so you do not have to miss time at work. Get in touch with a Lake Butler speeding ticket attorney for an overview of your individual case and the many possible defenses that could work in your favor.

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