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The Collier County section of Florida is a beautifully landscaped, culturally rich region adorned with sandy beaches, wildlife refuges and swaying palm trees. Upwards from 350,000 people call Collier County home and thousands more travel through in search of a tropical escape. One of the county’s largest tourist draws is the Everglades National Park. Others include the Big Cypress National Reserve and the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge. Collier County has been nicknamed Paradise Coast for its majestic scenery and strategic location. Due to the popularity of the region several law enforcement agencies patrol the roadways making speeding tickets that much more common. If you have been accused of speeding on the Collier County streets, this accusation could be more serious than it would appear at first. A speeding ticket lawyer in Collier County can help you to better understand your charge and to devise the best possible defense for your case.

Law Enforcement Agencies and Collier County

Several law enforcement agencies monitor traffic in Collier County. The main units of patrol are:

  • The Florida Highway Patrol
  • The Collier County Sherriff’s Office
  • Naples Police Department
  • Market Island Police Department

If you have been cited by any of the above-mentioned law enforcement agencies, you have approximately 30 days to respond to your citation. Should you choose to plead not guilty to speeding charges in Collier County, Florida your Collier County speeding ticket lawyer can submit your plea in writing and mail it to the following address:

Collier County Courthouse Annex,

3315 Tamiami

Trail East, Naples, FL 34112

At this point, the Clerk of the Court will examine your plea and your hearing will be held at the same address.

Penalties for Speeding Convictions in Collier County, Florida

If you are found guilty of speeding in Collier County, Florida, you could be subject to one of the following fines listed below in addition to possible points, license suspension and court fees.

Mph Over the Legal Speed Limit:

6-9                                                       $76.00 with traffic school/$80.50 without traffic school

10-14                                                   $137.50 with traffic school/$155.50 without

15-19                                                   $158.50 with traffic school/$180.50 without

20-29                                                   $178.50 with traffic school/$205.50 without

30 or more                                           $260.50 with traffic school/$305.50 without

These numbers reflect the average ticket price. Your ticket might be slightly more or less expensive than the average ticket price. If you were accused of speeding within close vicinity of a school or construction zone, the fines could be doubled. Even if you can afford to pay the fine, penalties associated with speeding also include an average of 3-4 points on your individual driving record per offense, the possibility of license suspension either now or in the future and court fees.

Reasons to Hire a Speeding Ticket Lawyer in Naples City, Florida Upon Receipt of a Citation

A Naples City or Collier County speeding ticket attorney can help you out of this jam in a wide variety of ways. Some of the possible benefits of obtaining legal representation include:

  • Elimination of Charge
  • Reduction of Charge
  • Keeping Your Insurance Premiums to a Minimum by Avoiding License Points
  • Exploring Alternatives to License Suspension Such as Traffic School
  • Eliminating the Hassle of Attending Court and Filling Out Paperwork
  • Avoiding Making Excessive Fine and Court Fee Payments

Even the tiniest mistake can make a world of difference throughout the judicial process. Something simple like sending your paperwork to the wrong address could result in a guilty verdict before your case is even heard. A qualified speeding ticket lawyer in Collier County, Florida can fill out all of the required paperwork for you and represent you in traffic court should you choose to accompany them or stay home. Your driving record is important to your reputation both on and off the road. Contact a speeding ticket attorney in Naples City, Florida to learn more about protecting your driving privileges.

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