Speeding Ticket Attorney in Broward County

Broward County is the second most populated county in the entire state of Florida for a reason. Home to approximately 1,748,066 residents not to mention more than 23 miles of beautiful sandy beaches including the acclaimed beaches of Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Coral Springs, Deerfield Beach and Pembroke Pines, Broward County is an ideal place to live, work, vacation and commute through. The surplus of attractions doesn’t end at the beaches. The Coral Springs Museum of Art, the Museum of Discovery and Science, Broward College, Florida Atlantic University, Keiser University and Nova Southeastern University are also major draws in the area.

Due to its education and tourist driven economy, the Broward County streets are heavily patrolled by law enforcement officials seeking out speeders. In 2003, the state of Florida issued more than 4 million traffic citations in just one year. Because Broward County intersects with I – 75, I – 95, I – 595 and the Florida Turnpike, all of the following law enforcement agencies consistently patroll the streets:

  • The Broward County Sherriff’s Office
  • Ford Lauderdale Police Department
  • Pembroke Pines Police Department
  • Florida Highway Patrol
  • Hollywood Police Department
  • Deerfield Beach Police Department
  • Coral Springs Police Department

If you have been cited for speeding by any of the above-mentioned law enforcement agencies any questions you have pertaining to your charge are best directed to a Broward County speeding ticket lawyer.

Reasons You Should Submit a Plea of Not Guilty

While fighting back against your charge might appear a bit of a hassle at first glance, there are many benefits to this option that you may be unaware of. Should you choose to simply pay the ticket or hold off a while on deciding, you could run the risk of losing your license, your job, even your freedom. Upon receipt of a citation, you are limited to just 30 days to respond with a plea of guilty, not guilty or no contest. Should you choose to plead not guilty you must submit a written document claiming your innocence to one of the following four courthouse addresses:

1600 West Hillsboro Avenue, Deerfield Beach, FL

100 North Pine Road, Plantation, Florida

3550 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, FL

201 SE 6th Street Ford Lauderdale, Florida

Failure to do so could result in a hefty fine that is determined by both your speed and location. The chart below lists average fines within the area. Yours could be slightly higher or slightly lower than those in the example. If you notice an extreme discrepancy, it would be in your best interest to direct your questions pertaining to the amount of your fine to a speeding ticket lawyer in Broward County.

6-9 Mph Over the Speed Limit                                                           $80.50

6-9 Mph Over the Speed Limit in a School or Construction Zone     $161.00

10-14 Mph Over the Speed Limit                                                       $155.50

10-14 Mph Over the Speed Limit in a School or Construction Zone $311.00

15-19 Mph Over the Speed Limit                                                       $180.50

15-19 Mph Over the Speed Limit in a School or Construction Zone $361.00

20-29 Mph Over the Speed Limit                                                       $205.50

20-29 Mph Over the Speed Limit in a School or Construction Zone $411.00

30+ Mph Over the Speed Limit                                                          $305.50

30+ Mph Over the Speed Limit in a School or Construction Zone     $611.00

As you can see, fines can drastically vary depending upon your speed and location at the time of the incident. Avoiding hefty fines is not the only reason you should consider fighting back against your accusation. The points you may receive on your license should you choose to simply pay the fine could affect your right to drive a car in the future. These points may also be examined by future and/or current employers and insurance companies. Speeding in addition to other offenses such as DUI or driving on a suspended license could equate to possible imprisonment.

What to Do Once You Have Decided to Fight Back Against Your Citation

Once you have made the decision to fight back against your speeding allegation, the first step you should take is hiring a Fort Lauderdale or Hollywood speeding ticket lawyer. This legal representative will be able to help you draft up a list of possible defenses for your accelerated speed. A Broward County speeding ticket lawyer can also attend court for you so your presence will not be necessary and your time will not be wasted dealing with this matter. For more information and/or legal advice consult with a speeding ticket attorney in Fort Lauderdale today.

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