Clay County Speeding Ticket Lawyer – Speeding Ticket Attorney in Lakeside

Whether you are driving through Lakeside, Orange Park, Keystone Heights, Penny Farms or Green Cove Springs local law enforcement agencies are guaranteed to be patrolling the streets here in Clay County. With a population boasting almost 200,000 residents and a climate and landscape that draws in an abundance of tourists, speeding tickets in Clay County are an all too common occurrence. This is particularly true in the heavily trafficked sections of Clay County such as along major roads and highways.  If the Clay County Sheriff’s Office or the Florida Highway Patrol has issued you a citation for speeding, obtaining a Clay County speeding ticket attorney immediately is in your best interest.

Common Citation Locations in Clay County

While it is entirely possible to incur a speeding ticket anywhere on the road, Clay County features a wide array of major roadways and local landmarks and attractions. These are the places people are often pulled over under the suspicion of speeding.

  • US 17
  • US 301
  • State Roads 15, 16, 21, 23, 100 and 200
  • Diamond D Ranch
  • Clay County Historic Museum & Triangle
  • Camp Blanding Museum and Memorial Park

Ways to Fight Back Against Your Speeding Accusation

The best way to fight back against your speeding accusation is to hire a qualified speeding ticket attorney in Clay County. Bear in mind the fact that there are many possible defenses you might not have considered that a legal representative would be fully aware of. An immediate response to the citation is advisable. The longer you wait the more you run the risk of possibly losing your license. Defendants who wish to plead not guilty to a speeding charge only have a window of approximately 30 days. This not guilty plea can be submitted by your Clay County speeding ticket lawyer and sent to the Clerk of the Court at the following address:

825 Orange Avenue

PO Box 698

Green Cove Springs, Florida 32043

The battle for your driving privileges is not over once you submit a plea nor is it over if you simply decide to pay the ticket. If you choose to plead guilty to the charge you will also have to deal with the points you will acquire on your license. Each speeding offense is worth between 3 to 4 points on an individual’s driving record. This record is often viewed by insurance companies who may change your rate as a result and possible future employers who could perceive you as being irresponsible due to your driving record. Should you accrue more than 12 points over the course of a year your license to drive in the state of Florida could be suspended.

Some drivers accused of speeding opt to represent themselves in a court of law. This requires a great deal of both time and local traffic law knowledge. If you choose to obtain a speeding ticket lawyer in Clay County you will not be required to attend court nor will you be burdened with the task of filling out bundles of paperwork and possibly making a mistake. Fines and court fees for speeding tickets in Clay County can range from $76 for driving just 6 miles above the legal limit to thousands of dollars in fines and legal expenses.

The goal of a speeding ticket lawyer in Orange Park, Keystone Heights, Lakeside, Green Cove Springs and surrounding areas is to give you the best possible chance of walking away with your driver’s license, your freedom and your savings. Some of the many benefits to obtaining legal counsel include:

  • Not having to attend court
  • Not having to fill out paperwork yourself
  • Examining possible defenses that can help reduce or alleviate the charge
  • Obtaining knowledge of alternative punishments such as utilizing the traffic school option rather than receiving points

Get in touch with a speeding ticket lawyer in Clay County if you are interested in fighting back against your speeding allegation and maintaining your stellar reputation as a driver, an employee and a person.

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