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Deep within the heart of Florida’s Treasure Coast region sits Martin County, home to approximately 146,318 people. This midsized County is a crossway for many major routes including the Florida Turnpike, I-95, US Route 1 and US Highways 98 and 441 to name just a few. The county, which is 753 square feet long is said to be the fifth largest within the state. A myriad of attractions within the county draw in crowds from all over the country, sometimes making roads congested and leading to a higher volume of speeding citations. In 2013, Martin County law enforcement issued 9,229 speeding tickets many of which were incurred in heavily trafficked areas. Common places to be cited for speeding in Martin County include:

  • Elliott Museum
  • Jonathan Dickinson State Park
  • Martin County Fair
  • Savannas Preserve State Park
  • Jensen Sea Turtle Beach
  • St. Lucy Inlet Preserve
  • Trapper Nelson To Historic District
  • Hutchinson Island
  • Jupiter Island
  • The Lyric Theater
  • The Old Martin County Courthouse
  • Georges Valentine Shipwreck Site
  • Mailed Elizabeth Archaeological Site

The multitude of attractions housed inside this historic county can lead to a lot of confusion on the road. The streets of Martin County are therefore heavily monitored by all of the following:

  • Jupiter Island Police Department
  • Ocean Breeze Park Police Department
  • Stewart Police Department
  • Sewall’s Point Police Department
  • The Florida Highway Patrolled
  • The Martin County Sheriff’s

If you have been accused of driving an unlawful speed, it is extremely important that you contact a Martin County speeding ticket attorney as soon as possible in order to avoid the repercussions.

Penalties for Speeding in Martin County, Florida

While many drivers are aware of the fines associated with speeding, some are unaware of the court fees, points and additional penalizations. One major element of a speeding charge that is often overlooked is the points that are assessed to a driver’s license if a guilty speeding verdict is reached. It is also important that drivers understand that paying a fine equates to an automatic guilty verdict. Thus, the points that coincide are unavoidable.

For most drivers, a speeding offense translates to 3 to 4 points being added to the driving record. These points are often used by current and/or possible future employers as a way of determining whether or not an individual is responsible enough to be hired or promoted. They are also used by insurance companies who tend to raise rates dramatically for drivers who accrue points on their records. These points are damaging and they do not go away overnight. Points will remain on a driver’s record for anywhere from 3 to 5 years. Over this course of time they can affect all of the following things:

  • Your ability to become or remain employed
  • Your privilege to drive
  • Your insurance premiums
  • Your individual reputation

A speeding ticket attorney in Martin County who is well-versed in local legal knowledge can aid you in avoiding points entirely. If you wish to pursue a not guilty plea, you must contact a Stuart City speeding ticket lawyer who will then submit that plea to the Clerk of the Court at100 East Ocean Boulevard, Stuart, Florida and later represent you in a court of law at the same address. Drivers who obtain a speeding ticket lawyer in Martin County are not required to attend court. This legal representative can attend court in their place if they so choose.

Fines for speeding in Martin County, Florida can range from under $100 to over $600. Fines are often determined by the speed of the driver but location plays a big part in this decision as well. If you stand accused of speeding in a school or construction zone, your fine will typically be double when compared to the average fine of a standard zone. A Martin County speeding ticket lawyer can help to reduce excessive fines and possibly eliminate them altogether.

Building the best defense is often a time sensitive matter, particularly in cases where evidence such as weather, road and/or traffic conditions is involved. It is entirely possible that a Stuart speeding ticket attorney could uncover possible defenses based on this time sensitive evidence. Contact a speeding ticket attorney in Stuart, Florida to begin building a defense that will help you to preserve your license, your savings and your reputation as a low risk driver.

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