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In 2013, the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, with the help of the Florida Highway Patrol, the Crescent Police City Department, the Palatka Police Department,Welaka Police Department and the Interlachen Police Department handed out 2,377 speeding citations. This is a common commuter region for drivers on their way to Jacksonville and St. Augustine, making it a high volume area despite its midsize population of approximately 74,041 residents. Part of the Ocala National Forest runs through Putnam County to add to the allure. If you have been cited for speeding in Putnam County, traffic, road or weather conditions could have been part of the problem. It is in your best interest to contact the Putnam County speeding ticket attorney immediately to learn more about your options.

Penalties and Alternatives for Speeding Citations

Below you will find a list of average fines for speeding in the area. If you were accused of traveling at an unlawful speed in a construction zone or a school zone your fine can be double the average fine. Any questions you have about your fine should be directed to a speeding ticket attorney in Palatka who has the advantage of familiarity with the local roads and the local traffic laws. This legal representative can review alternatives that could reduce or even eliminate your fine.

Exceeding the speed limit by 6-9 miles per hour                                                                  $80.50

Exceeding the speed limit by 10-14 miles per hour                                                             $155.50

Exceeding the speed limit by 15-19 miles per hour                                                             $180.50

Exceeding the speed limit by 20-29 miles per hour                                                             $205.50

Exceeding the speed limit by 30 or more miles per hour                                                      $305.50

Points are another penalty that a speeding ticket lawyer in Palatka City can explain to you in detail. An overview of the points associated with speeding and how they might affect your driving privileges is detailed in the chart below.

Exceeding the speed limit by 16 mph or less                                                              3 Points

Exceeding the speed limit by 16 mph or more                                                           4 Points

Number of points allotted in a year                                                                            12 Points

Number of points allotted in a year and a half                                                           18 Points

Number of points allotted in three years                                                                    24 Points

Should a driver exceed the number of points allotted within the timeframes mentioned above, their driving privileges could be suspended. Points can also affect a driver’s ability to maintain reasonable car insurance rates and become or remain employed. Points are often reviewed by insurance companies and employers who use them to determine whether or not an individual is considered a “high risk driver ”. Being deemed a high risk driver can have all the following adverse affects:

  • Job Loss
  • License Suspension
  • Dropped Insurance
  • High Insurance Premiums
  • Less Employment Opportunities
  • Less Promotional Opportunities
  • Inability to Travel
  • Inability to Perform Daily Tasks Due to License Suspension

Legal Documents that Must Be Submitted to the Clerk of the Court

In order to avoid the all too common fines, fees and penalties for speeding in Putnam County, it is always in a driver’s best interest to promptly submit all legal documents to the Clerk of the Court. Hiring a speeding ticket lawyer in Putnam County will take this responsibility out of your hands and put it into the hands of your legal representative. This representative will submit a plea of not guilty on your behalf and promptly send it to the Clerk of the Court at P.O. Box 758, Palatka, FL 32178. Traffic related hearings are held at the Putnam County Courthouse which is located at 410 St. Johns Avenue, Palatka, FL 32177. Should you opt to hire an attorney, your presence will not be required at this hearing. Your legal representative can attend court in your place leaving you with time to deal with all of the other important issues of your day to day life.

It’s never a good idea to risk your driving privileges or your reputation. Contact a Palatka speeding ticket attorney to find out more about preserving your license and moving forward after receiving a speeding citation.

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