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1,850 speeding tickets were handed out in Okeechobee County in 2013. This rural northwest Florida County is centrally located within close vicinity of Florida beaches, nature attractions, agricultural and historical sites. Boasting approximately 40,000 residents and ushering in an abundance of international traffic, the roads of Okeechobee County are under surveillance by the Florida Highway Patrol, the Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office and the Okeechobee Police Department. Common speeding ticket locales include the Florida Turnpike, US 98 and US 441. Drivers traveling to or from Indian River State College also run the risk of receiving speeding citations. If you were stopped under the premise of driving at an unlawful speed and received a citation from any of the above-mentioned law enforcement agencies, an Okeechobee County speeding ticket lawyer can help to guide you through the local judicial process, safeguarding your reputation and license along the way.

Speeding Ticket Information

Local traffic law allots the average driver a 30 day window to respond to any criminal accusation, including one involving speeding in Okeechobee County. Should you review the information below and decide that it is in your best interest to fight back against this accusation, the first step in the process will be to obtain a speeding ticket lawyer in Okeechobee who can promptly submit your plea of not guilty to the Clerk of the Court at the following address:

312 Northwest 3rd St.,

Okeechobee, Florida 34972

Any delay in obtaining legal representation could have an adverse affect particularly since evidence in speeding cases such as road, traffic and weather conditions can fade away over time as can the details of the incident. Paying off a fine or failing to submit a plea within the allotted timeframe will result in an automatic guilty verdict, leaving the driver with points, fees and other penalties that could be reduced or avoided altogether. Average fines for speeding range in the state of Florida. For drivers accused of accelerating slightly above the legal limit (between 6 and 9 mph) most fines are just under $100; however fines drastically increase with mileage and can also be doubled if a driver stands accused of speeding in a school or a construction zone.

How the Point System Works

Before you make a hasty decision, like paying off your fine without consulting with a speeding ticket attorney in Okeechobee County, it is imperative that you have a full understanding of how the point system works and how accruing points can affect your life both now and in the future. Speeding typically carries a penalty of three or four points which are automatically applied to the driver’s license of anyone who pays their fine in full or receives a guilty verdict. Over time, points on a driver’s license can add up and the consequences can affect many freedoms both on and off the road.

The first way points affect drivers is by putting their driving privileges in jeopardy. According to local law enforcement, Florida drivers who exceed the limits of 12 points in a year, 18 points in 18 months or 24 points over the course of three years are subject to have their driving privileges suspended. Losing your license can lead to a domino effect with everything going downhill all at once. Individuals who are denied driving privileges could:

  • Have difficulty getting to and from work therefore experiencing tardiness or job loss
  • Have difficulty traveling within or outside of state lines
  • Have difficulty getting around town to perform routine tasks like grocery shopping
  • Find themselves at the mercy of other people’s schedules or public transit schedules

If you lose your job as a result of losing your license, making fine payments could also be difficult and late charges could pile up. A speeding ticket attorney in Okeechobee County can help to possibly reduce or eliminate a speeding charge that might hurt your driving record.

The next way points affect drivers is by damaging their reputations. Possible future employers often review driving records when making hiring decisions meaning you could miss out on career opportunities simply because you appear to be irresponsible on the road. Finally, insurance companies review points and often raise rates for drivers who are considered high risk. A speeding ticket lawyer in Okeechobee County who is familiar with local laws can help you to avoid accruing points on your driver’s license.

An Okeechobee speeding ticket attorney can guide you through the entire judicial process by filling out all of your paperwork for you, attending court either with you or in your place and helping you to devise a courtroom defense that might reduce or even eliminate your charge entirely. If you stand accused of traveling at unlawful speeds, consult with an Okeechobee speeding ticket lawyer today to find out more about your options as a driver.

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