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Approximately 150,000 residents along with a great deal of endangered animals found a home in Citrus County. The allure ofCrystal River, Inverness and Homosassa Springs combined with the presence ofCrystal River Nature Preserve,Chassahowitzka Nature Preserve and Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park make Citrus County a crowd favorite. Due to its heavily traveled heavily trafficked nature, the Citrus County Sherriff’s Office officials are often seen patrolling the streets. Some of the most notorious locations drivers receive citations are along the lines of US 41, US 19, State Road 44 and US 98. In 2003 alone, the state of Florida issued more than 4 million traffic citations. If you have been accused of speeding in Citrus County, Florida a Citrus County speeding ticket attorney can help you to better understand your options.

Contacting the Clerk of the Court in Citrus County

Regardless to where you were or how fast you were actually driving when you received a citation, you are obligated to contact the Clerk of the Court within 30 days of receiving your citation. Failure to make this contact will automatically result in a guilty verdict, leaving you without the option of fighting back against the charge. Even if you feel you are guilty of driving at an accelerated speed, a Citrus County speeding ticket lawyer could be aware of possible defenses you might not have even considered. For example, if road or weather conditions could have hindered your ability to follow traditional laws of traffic, you already have a defense. In order to plead not guilty to a traffic violation, you must obtain a citrus County speeding ticket lawyer who will submit your plea to the following address:

Citrus County Courthouse

110 N. Apopka Avenue,

Inverness, FL 34450

Incidentally, should you choose to represent yourself in court, this is the address you must come to in order to attend your trial. If you obtain a Crystal River or Citrus County speeding ticket attorney to represent you, you will not have to attend court. Your legal representative will take your place in the courtroom and fill out all necessary paperwork in order to attempt to prove your innocence.

How a Speeding Citation can affect Your Daily Life

Citrus County speeding citations are not a rare occurrence but they can be detrimental to the quality of your everyday life if you handle them incorrectly. Some people’s initial instinct when they receive a citation is to simply pay the ticket off and be done with it. Unfortunately, paying the ticket without entering a plea can do some serious damage to your driving record. A payment on a ticket is legally considered an admittance of guilt on behalf of the party that makes the payment. This means you will be paying for the ticket not just via the fines and court fees but you will also be paying by receiving a blemish on your driving record that could affect your insurance rates and prospects for future employment. The average driver found guilty of speeding in Citrus County should expect to receive between three and four points on their license. As points accumulate, drivers face the possibility of future license suspension.

Points, Penalties and Fines

The Florida point and penalty system works a lot like a line of credit in that drivers are judged based on the number of points and/or penalties they receive over the course of approximately 3 to 5 years. If you receive 12 or more points over the course of a year your license could be suspended. The same is true if you accrue 18 points in 18 months or 24 points in 36 months. Below is a list of the average fines for speeding in Citrus County. This list refers to the number of miles the driver was accused of speeding over the legal limit.

6-9 Mph                                                                                              $80.50

6-9 Mph in a School or Construction Zone                                        $161.00

10-14 Mph                                                                                          $155.50

10-14 Mph in a School or Construction Zone                        $311.00

15-19 Mph                                                                                          $180.50

15-19 Mph in a School or Construction Zone                        $361.00

20-29 Mph                                                                                          $205.50

20-29 Mph in a School or Construction Zone                        $411.00

30+ Mph                                                                                             $305.50

30+ Mph in a School or Construction Zone                                       $611.00

As you can tell from above, it is common for Citrus County law enforcement to charge double in a school or construction zone. If you feel that your future could be in jeopardy due to a Citrus County speeding citation, be sure to consult with a speeding ticket attorney in Crystal River.

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