Monroe County Speeding Ticket Attorney – Speeding Ticket Lawyer in Key West, Florida

The Florida Keys have been a popular vacation spot for decades. Housed beautiful Monroe County, the Florida Keys, also referred to as Key West comprise 99% of Monroe County’s residents. With a population approximated at 73,090 people, Monroe County is a tropical island escape comprised of many tourist attractions. Route 1 winds through the county and is the most commonly used major road in the area. Other heavily trafficked locales include:

  • Everglades National Park
  • Big Cypress National Preserve
  • Florida Bay
  • Mainland Monroe
  • Loop Road
  • Trail City
  • Indian Key State Historic Site
  • Key West National Wildlife Refuge
  • Long Key State Park
  • Crocodile Lake National Wildlife Refuge
  • Stock Island
  • Key Largo
  • Bay Point
  • The Everglades
  • The Sugarloaf Shores
  • Key West
  • The Flamingo Ranger Station

Tropical wildlife, a beautiful climate, the allure of the islands and the myriad of islets and keys make Monroe County a legendary getaway. Due to the popularity of the County, the Florida Highway Patrol has enlisted the help of all of the following law enforcement agencies:

  • Key Colony Beach Police Department
  • Layton Police Department
  • Marathon Police Department
  • Islamorada Police Department
  • Monroe County Sheriff’s Office

In 2013, the above-mentioned agencies issued 7,836 citations related to speeding. If you have been accused of driving an unlawful speeding Monroe County, a speeding ticket attorney in Key West, Florida can help you to resolve the issue before it gets out of hand.

Possible Penalties for Speeding in Monroe County

Hesitation is one of the most common mistakes drivers cited for speeding make in the very beginning. If you have been cited for speeding, it is important that you understand that you have only been allotted 30 days to respond to the citation. Should you choose to plead not guilty, your Munro County speeding ticket lawyer will submit the necessary paperwork promptly to the Clerk of the Court. The Clerk of the Court can be found in one of the following addresses depending on the location of your speeding citation:

Key West Courthouse

500 Whitehead Street
Key West, FL  33040

Marathon Branch Courthouse

3117 Overseas Highway
Marathon, FL  33050

Upper Keys Government Center

88820 Overseas Highway
Plantation Key, FL  33070

Clerk of the Court

50 High Point Road

Plantation Key, FL  33070

Should you opt to submit your plea yourself, you take on the risk of possibly mailing your plea or payment to the incorrect address. This is just one of many legal document mistakes that can cause unnecessary damage. Another common mistake amongst drivers is paying off the ticket with the understanding that afterwards the issue will be entirely resolved. Many drivers are unaware of the fact that paying off the ticket will result in points being automatically added to their driver’s license.

The state of Florida gauges driving eligibility based on this point system. The average speeding crime is punishable by three or four points. The chart below details the number of points drivers are permitted before their driving privileges can be suspended. It is important to remember that points remain on a driving record for approximately 3 to 5 years.

12 Points in a Year                                                                  30 Day Suspension

18 Points in a Year and a Half                                                90 Day Suspension

24 Points in Three Years                                                         1 Year Suspension

Fines for speeding typically range between just below $100 and just above $600 with the fact that these fines can be doubled if the defendant stands accused of speeding through a school/construction zone taken into consideration. Making a full payment on a fine might not be necessary with the help of a speeding ticket attorney in Monroe County. A Key West speeding ticket lawyer who is familiar with the local laws and the local roads can draft up numerous possible defenses based on location, traffic conditions, road conditions and weather conditions.

Legal Representation

If you currently stand accused of traveling at unlawful speeds, obtaining a speeding ticket lawyer in Monroe County can be useful for all of the following reasons:

  • They will fill out all necessary legal documentation
  • They will represent you in a court of law
  • They will work hard to obtain evidence that proves your innocence
  • You will not be required to attend court if you do not wish to do so
  • They can help you to devise a defense that will aid you in keeping your license

If you’re concerned about your future as a driver because of a Monroe County speeding citation, contact a Key West speeding ticket attorney today to learn about options that will help you to hold onto your license.

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