Holmes County Speeding Ticket Attorney – Speeding Ticket Lawyer in Bonifay, Florida

Charming Holmes County is the fifth smallest County in the entire state of Florida claiming approximately 19,927 residents. Its prime location on the Florida/Alabama border makes it a heavily traveled and heavily trafficked through county for commuters and tourists. This is the place where Southern charm and history intertwine with business travel and vacationing. It is also a common place for a driver to be cited for speeding. Due to its Florida Panhandle locale, all of the following agencies constantly monitor the streets in search of speeding vehicles:

  • Holmes County Sheriff’s Office
  • Florida Highway Patrol
  • Westville Police Department
  • Esto Police Department
  • Noma Police Department
  • Ponse de Leon Police Department

If you currently stand accused of speeding by one of the above-mentioned police departments, obtaining a Holmes County speeding ticket lawyer can make a world of difference in your future.

Ways a Speeding Citation can Negatively Affect Your Everyday Life

A speeding ticket, if handled incorrectly, could affect the driver’s life both on and off the road. The main reason for this is because drivers are judged based on a point system. Every time a driver is found guilty of a speeding violation, points are accrued on their individual driving record. Typically, for speeds exceeding the speed limit by 16 miles or less the number of points accrued is three. Anything above that equates to four points per offense. Drivers are limited to 12 points per year, 18 points per 18 months and 24 points for 36 months. Any number of points exceeding the legal standard can result in license suspension. A license suspension can affect a driver’s ability to:

  • Travel to and from work
  • Travel long distances
  • Carry out daily errands
  • Travel and/or commute at leisure

Public transportation is often unpredictable, making individuals who lack the privilege of driving sometimes appear irresponsible. Points on a driving record can also damage an individual’s reputation. Current and possible future employers often review driving records prior to making hiring and promotion decisions. If a car insurance company sees points on a driver’s record, they are likely to raise insurance premiums by as much as three or four times the average amount.

As the penalties pile up, fines and court fees add to the stress. These fines can range from $70-$600 or more. Often, fines are determined by two main elements – speed and location. For example, fines are often doubled for drivers accused of speeding in a school/construction zone. On the other hand, fines can be significantly lower for drivers accused of exceeding the legal limit in a residential area by between 6 and 9 mph. Agreeing to attend a court approved traffic school can also equate to a lower fine. A speeding ticket attorney in Holmes County can find ways to reduce or alleviate the speeding charge altogether before repercussions begin to take place.

How to React to a Speeding Citation in Holmes County

The first step you should take upon receipt of a citation is to inform a Bonifay speeding ticket attorney of the fact that you wish to plead not guilty. A speeding ticket lawyer in Holmes County will then fill out the necessary legal paperwork and mail your plea to the Clerk of the Court at201 North Oklahoma Street, Bonifay, Florida. From there on out, all legal documents will become the responsibility of this Bonifay speeding ticket lawyer. You will not have to experience job loss due to a loss of your license or wage loss due to the need to attend court. A speeding ticket attorney in Holmes County can attend court for you leaving you without the hassle of working through the red tape.

Don’t risk your freedom and your reputation on a problem with a simple solution. Consult with a speeding ticket attorney in Bonifay today to learn how to protect yourself and your license.

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