Hillsborough County Speeding Ticket Attorney

Hillsborough County, Florida is the fourth most populated county in all of Florida. With a population capping off at approximately 1,229,226 residents and a bustling tourist scene that drives traffic in from every direction, hazardous driving conditions are bound to occur, occasionally leading to unavoidable speeding tickets.  The prevalence of police officers patrolling heavily trafficked regions can increase the probability of a speeding citation, even in instances where the driver was not at fault. In 2013, Hillsborough County officials issued a whopping 40,948 speeding citations to drivers.


There are 93 officially registered historic landmarks in Hillsborough County. Some of the most recognizable include:

  • Plant City High School
  • Saint Andrews Church
  • Tampa City Hall
  • Tampa Heights Historic District
  • The Temple Terrace Golf Course
  • Tampa Theatre & Many More

Many of these historically rich attractions garner excessive foot and vehicle traffic, but sites don’t necessarily have to be historic to draw the crowds in. Other local attractions include:

  • Busch Gardens
  • Channelside
  • The Lowry Park Zoo
  • Tampa Convention Center
  • The International Plaza
  • Gandy Bridge
  • Courtney Campbell Bridge
  • Howard Franklin Bridge
  • Tampa Bay Times Forum
  • Raymond James Stadium
  • University of South Florida
  • University of Tampa

Many bridges, freeways and tourist attractions in Hillsborough County are manned with law enforcement officials and littered with safety check points. Whether you were returning home from a Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Tampa Bay Lightning game or heading out to a college party when you were cited for speeding, hiring a Tampa Bay speeding ticket attorney immediately is in your best interest. Traffic citations are commonplace, so receiving one might not seem like such a big deal, but being convicted of driving your vehicle at an accelerated speed could change your life in a wide variety of ways by making it unlawful for you to operate your vehicle in the state of Florida. Whether you’re a Florida resident or you were simply passing through on your way to another state, license suspensions, license points, speeding accusations and the likes must be handled in a timely and appropriate manner in order to avoid serious consequences. If you happen to be from out of town and you’re staring at a Hillsborough County speeding violation, you have most likely been accused of speeding by:

  • Tampa’s Police Department
  •  Temple Terrace’s Police Department
  • Plant City’s Police Department
  • Hillsborough County Sherriff’s Office

Responding to Your Citation

Depending upon the nature of the violation and the validity of your current Florida Driver’s license, you could have as little as 10 days to obtain a speeding ticket attorney in Hillsborough County and begin building a case to keep your license in your wallet and your car on the road. If you’ve been cited for speeding in Hillsborough County, Florida, you have a maximum of 30 days to contact the Clerk of the Court at the following address: Hillsborough County Clerk of Court Traffic Division 419 Pierce Street, Room 107 Tampa, FL 33602

Fines and Penalties

Penalties for speeding in Hillsborough County, Florida are detailed in the chart below.

1-5mph above the legal limit                                                                           Verbal Warning

1-5 mph above the legal limit in a construction zone                                     $143.00

1-5 mph above the legal limit in a school zone                                               $143.00

6-10 mph above the legal limit                                                                        $118.00

6-10 mph above the legal limit in a school zone/construction zone                $143.00

10-14 mph above the legal limit                                                                      $193.00

10-14 mph above the legal limit in a school zone/construction zone              $293.00

15-19 mph above the legal limit                                                                      $243.00

15-19 mph above the legal limit in a school zone/construction zone              $393.00

20-29 mph above the legal limit                                                                      $268.00

20-29 mph above the legal limit in a school zone/construction zone              $443.00

30 or more mph above the legal limit                                                              Mandatory Court

Points, Suspensions & Incarceration

Depending upon the severity of your speeding charge, you could be facing other penalties in addition to the hefty fines mentioned above. For instance, if your speeding has been cited as having caused an accident in the state of Florida, your license could be marked with six points. Other penalties could result in:

  • Short term license suspension
  • Long term license suspension
  • Incarceration
  • Elevated Insurance Rates

The First 30 Days

Even first time speeding tickets can hinder your ability to get behind the wheel in the future, particularly if you were accused of speeding in a Hillsborough County school zone or driving more than 30 mph above the legal limit. It is in your best interest to obtain a Hillsborough County, Florida speeding ticket lawyer immediately after being accused of speeding. Some of the options that a lawyer can aid you in seeking out include:

  • Reduction or elimination of your Hillsborough County speeding charge
  • Opting for a driver’s improvement course in lieu of a license suspension
  • Avoiding possible imprisonment

Being accused of a crime, even something as minor as driving too quickly can have detrimental effects on your well being, especially if your driving privileges are taken away.  Contacting a qualified Hillsborough County speeding ticket attorney immediately will help you to avoid unnecessary repercussions.

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