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Rural Gilchrist County is a historically rich Florida gem boasting a modest population of just under 17,000 residents but pulling in a great deal of annual tourists and sightseers. Fanning Springs, Levy and Bell are the three major cities in Gilchrist County. Farmers markets, historical sites and nature trails make Gilchrist County an ideal place to visit and/or reside in. Some of its many attractions include:

  • Trenton Depot
  • First Baptist Church
  • Old Trenton Church of Christ
  • Main Street
  • Bell City Park
  • Hart Springs Park
  • Fanning Springs State Park
  • Ellie Ray’s RV Resort

Gilchrist County may be the fifth smallest county in the entire state of Florida but its popularity amongst tourists makes it a popular stop for speeding citations. If you have been accused of driving at accelerated speeds in Gilchrist County, it is important that you consult with a Bell City speeding ticket lawyer as soon as possible. A Gilchrist County speeding citation will come directly from one of the following law enforcement agencies:

  • Levy Police Department
  • Fanning Springs Police Department
  • Gilchrist Sheriff’s Office
  • Bell Police Department
  • Florida Highway Patrol

Possible Penalties for Speeding

Even for first-time offenders, being found guilty of a speeding citation can negatively alter a wide variety of aspects of everyday life. The following chart displays typical fines associated with speeding in Gilchrist County. If, in comparison to the chart, your fine appears excessive a Gilchrist County speeding ticket lawyer can help you to examine this discrepancy. It is notable to mention that drivers accused of speeding in a school/construction zone are likely to be subject to much larger fines. Between 6 & 9 MPH Above the Speed Limit…

  • $80.50
  • $161 in a school or construction zone

Between 10  & 14 MPH Above the Speed Limit…

  • $155.50
  • $311 in a school or construction zone

Between 15 & 19 MPH Above the Speed Limit…

  • $180.50
  • $361 in a school or construction zone

Between 20 & 29 MPH Above the Speed Limit…

  • $205.50
  • $411 in school or construction zone

30+ MPH Above the Speed Limit…

  • $305.50
  • $611 in a school or construction zone

In addition to hefty fines, drivers will also pay for guilty speeding verdicts via reputation. Each driver’s license is valued based upon a point system. Every time a driver is found guilty of a traffic violation they are subject to receiving points on their license. Typical points for speeding range from 3 to 4 depending on the speed and location of the driver. Drivers are only allotted 12 point per year before their driving privileges can be revoked. Drivers who receive 18 points in 18 months or 24 points over the course of 36 months can also have their licenses revoked. Points typically stay on a driver’s record for approximately 3 to 5 years. Over the course of this three to five year period, insurance companies and possible future employers have access to this record and may adjust rates or deny jobs accordingly. A Gilchrist County speeding ticket lawyer can help you to devise ways to keep these points from ruining your driving reputation and possibly your future. The main job of a speeding ticket attorney in Gilchrist County is to help devise a winning courtroom defense that will keep your car on the road and your license out of the hands of government officials. A speeding ticket attorney in Gilchrist County will not only help you to compile evidence that points to your innocence, this Fanning Springs speeding ticket attorney is also on hand to fill out your legal documents for you and attend court in your place. If you have decided to plead not guilty to your charge, filling out legal documentation is a time sensitive matter. The average driver is only allotted a 30 day window to plead not guilty to the Clerk of the Court at the following address: Clerk of the Court, PO Box 37, Trenton, FL 32693 Consult with a speeding ticket attorney in Gilchrist County today to gain a better understanding of the charges you are up against and how you can fight back and hold onto your license.

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