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Rural Suwanee County is a horseback riding, trail hiking, recreational haven for tourists visiting the Sunshine State. Its population is approximated at 41,551 residents but its beautiful landscape brings in many visitors from near and far. This is a land filled with quaint antique shops, riveting recreational activities, murals, museums and much more. Interstate 10 which runs east and west through the Florida Panhandle maintains three interchanges in the county while Interstate 75 runs north and south at Pouchos Corner. The streets that traverse Suwanee County heading toward Alabama and Jacksonville are monitored and patrolled by the following organizations:

  • Live Oak Police Department
  •  Branford Police Department
  •  Suwannee Sheriff’s Department
  • Florida Highway Patrol

In the 2013 calendar year, the above-mentioned agencies joined forces to fight traffic and congestion by handing out 2,017 speeding tickets to drivers in the area. If you are currently facing a speeding charge in Suwanee County, a Live Oak speeding ticket attorney can devise a plan to help you preserve your freedom and driving privileges.

Speeding in a School and/or Construction Zones

If you were accused of speeding in either a local school or a construction zone, your penalties could be even harsher in a court of law. Many drivers are unaware of the fact that location, which can work against you via higher fines, can also work in your favor in the courtroom. If you were accused of speeding in a school or a construction zone and your fine appears to be double that of the average fine, a Suwanee County speeding ticket lawyer can help you to review options and that might reduce or even entirely eliminate your fine. Average fines for speeding are depicted below.

Unlawful speeds of 6-9 mph above the legal limit                                                               $80.50

Unlawful speeds of 10-14 mph above the legal limit                                                         $155.50

Unlawful speeds of 15-19 mph above the legal limit                                                          $180.50

Unlawful speeds of 20-29 mph above the legal limit                                                          $205.50

Unlawful speeds of 30+ mph above the legal limit                                                             $305.50

Points for Paying off a Ticket

Many drivers are informed of the fact that they have approximately 30 days to respond to a speeding citation. Should a driver choose to plead not guilty, a speeding ticket attorney in Live Oak can submit this plea to the Clerk of the Court within the allotted timeframe. The Clerk of the Court is located at 200 South Ohio Avenue, Live Oak, Florida. Failure to contact the Clerk of the Court within 30 days will result in an automatic guilty verdict. Paying off the ticket prior to consulting with a Suwanee County speeding ticket attorney will end with the same result.

What this means is that paying off a ticket can hurt your driving credibility. This is because a guilty verdict comes with points that end up on your driving record. Typically, drivers found guilty of speeding accrue three or more points for their crime. Any driver who accrues more than 12 points in a year or more than 18 points over the course of a year and a half can be subject to the revocation of driving privileges. Even drivers who accrue 24 points over the span of 36 months can have their driving licenses revoked. This is because points remain on a driver’s record for an extended period of time, usually 3 to 5 years.

Over the course of this 3 to 5 year period, possible future employers, current employers, law-enforcement agencies and car insurance agencies reserve the right to use these points against you. Drivers who accrue points could experience any of the following conditions:

  • Driver’s License Suspended
  • Unemployment
  • Less Opportunities to Advance in Their Careers
  • Loss of Car Insurance Coverage
  • Expensive Car Insurance

A speeding ticket lawyer in Live Oak can further explain how points on licenses can damage a driver’s credibility. If you fear your credibility, your driving privileges or both are on the line as a result of a speeding citation, you should contact a speeding ticket lawyer in Suwanee County for a free case evaluation.

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