Flagler County Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Beautiful, scenic Flagler County is known for its stretching miles of beaches sprawled out across the coast of Northeast Florida. It is a popular vacation spot and home to approximately 95,696 residents. Popular cities and beach towns in the area includeFlagler Beach, Palm Coast, Bunnell, Marineland, and Beverly Beach. This is also a major commuter district for Floridians and business travelers. Major roads such as I-95, State Roads 11, 20, 100 and A1 A, and US Route 1 can often get congested, particularly during tourist season. At this time the Florida East Coast Railway, the Flagler County Airport and the Intercoastal Waterway also tend to garner massive amounts of traffic. In an attempt to regulate the traffic as much as possible, Flagler County is patrolled by the Flagler Beach Police and the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office. If you have been accused of speeding through Flagler County, it is in your best interest to immediately obtain counsel from a Flagler County speeding ticket attorney.

Typical Fines for Speeding in Flagler County

Below is a list of the typical fines associated with speeding in Flagler County, Florida. Fines may vary depending upon the location where the driver was cited and the number of miles per hour the driver was accused of exceeding. The numbers represent an approximation based on the numbers of miles per hour that were exceeded and the location of the driver at the time they were cited.

6 – 9

  • $80.50 in a regular zone
  • $161 in a school/construction zone

10 – 14

  • $155.50 in a regular zone
  • $311 in a school/construction zone

15 – 19

  • $180.50 in a regular zone
  • $361 in a school/construction zone

20 – 29

  • $205.50 in a regular zone
  • $411 in school/construction zone

30+ Miles

  • $305.50 in a regular zone
  • $611 in a school/construction zone

Typical Penalties for Speeding in Flagler County

A common driving mistake is to simply pay the fine associated with the citation rather than attending court and demanding the right to a fair trial. Many drivers are unaware of the fact that by paying the fine they are admitting to being guilty of speeding in Flagler County. This admittance of guilt can affect the driver’s quality of life in a wide variety of ways. One typical penalty associated with being found guilty of speeding in Flagler County is points accrued on the driver’s license. These points, which are usually 3 to 4 points per offense, can damage the driving record of the accused, subsequently damaging their reputation. Driving records play a part in an employer’s decision to hire an applicant, insurance agency’s rate decisions and law enforcement’s decision to revoke or not revoke Florida driving privileges. Bear in mind that any driver who accrues 12 or more points on their license over the course of one year can stand to have their license suspended. License suspension can lead to even more unpleasant events such as:

  • Job Loss
  • Loss of Wages
  • Dependency on Others for Travel Purposes
  • Restriction of Freedom
  • Fines, Fees and Other Expenses

Before simply paying off the ticket and incidentally pleading guilty to an offense, drivers are urged to contact a speeding ticket lawyer in Palm Beach or Flagler Beach to learn more about their options.

The Benefits to Obtaining a Speeding Ticket Attorney in Flagler County

At first glance, it might seem like a bit of a hassle to obtain a Flagler or Palm Beach speeding ticket lawyer but after carefully reviewing the options, many drivers find it’s actually much less time-consuming and definitely much less of a financial burden than the alternatives. Firstly, a speeding ticket lawyer in Flagler County will fill out all of the necessary paperwork associated with the charge, spend a great deal of time devising the best possible courtroom defense and represent the defendant in court. The defendant is not even required to attend court with the attorney unless they choose to do so. A Flagler County speeding ticket attorney can aid the driver in:

  • Reducing or Eliminating the Speeding Charge
  • Seeking Alternatives Penalties such as Traffic School
  • Avoiding the Hassle of Attending Court
  • Avoiding Making Mistakes when Filling Out Paperwork

If you currently stand accused of speeding in Flagler County, consult with a speeding ticket attorney in Flagler County immediately to gain a better understanding of ways to fight back against the allegation.

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