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The Gulf Coast of Destin is one of many tourist draws that brings a great deal of traffic to the Okaloosa County area. With a population approximated at 180,822 residents, the streets of Okaloosa County are constantly monitored and patrolled by the Destin Police Department, the Crestview Police Department, the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office and the Florida Highway Patrol. In the year 2013, Okaloosa County law enforcement issued 9,927 speeding citations to drivers. Some of these drivers were Okaloosa County residents while others were passing through headed for the Alabama state line, the Gulf of Mexico or one of the many other tourist attractions in the area. Still others were students of local Northwest Florida State College. Regardless of your destination, if you were cited for speeding by local law enforcement, a Destin speeding ticket attorney can help you to access options you might not have realized were available for drivers in your position.

The Damage a Speeding Charge Can do to Your Credibility

The below listed chart details typical fines associated with speeding in Okaloosa County. It is important to note that paying a fine in full can often do more harm than good in cases where speeding is the accusation. Even if your fine does not appear to be a sizable amount, the penalties add up and can damage your savings and credibility in more ways than one. There are also many alternative options an Okaloosa County speeding ticket lawyer can review with you that could lower these fines significantly. Below is a list of the average speeding fines for Okaloosa County, Florida.

6-9 miles per hour higher than the legal limit                                                                      $80.50

10-14 miles per hour higher than the legal limit                                                                  $155.50

15-19 miles per hour higher than the legal limit                                                                  $180.50

20-29 miles per hour higher than the legal limit                                                                   $205.50

30 or more miles per hour higher than the legal limit                                                           $305.50

Fines in school or construction zones are usually double the amount depicted above. One alternative option that a speeding ticket attorney in Crestview might suggest is for their client to attend court approved traffic school.

While fines and court fees can leave quite the dent in your savings, it is the points associated with speeding that can damage your credibility. On average, drivers found guilty of speeding accrue between three and four points on their licenses. These points are automatically added if you waive your right to hire a Crestview speeding ticket attorney and choose instead to simply pay the fine. Points on driver’s licenses are often viewed by:

  • Employers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Local Law Enforcement Agencies

Accruing points can result in all the following:

  • Higher Insurance Premiums
  • Less Career Opportunities
  • Job Loss
  • Insurance Being Dropped
  • Driver’s License Privileges Being Suspended

Any driver in the state of Florida who accrues 12 points in a year, 18 points in a year and a half or 24 points in 36 months can have their driving privileges revoked.

Building the Best Courtroom Defense

It is pivotal that drivers who stand accused of speeding obtain qualified legal counsel within 30 days of receiving their citation in order to build the best courtroom defense. A speeding ticket attorney in Okaloosa County will not only gather time sensitive evidence and represent you in a court of law; they will also fill out all necessary legal documentation and promptly submit it to the Clerk of the Court at 101 East James Lee Boulevard, Crestview, Florida. From there you can choose to attend court beside your legal representative or to have your legal representative attend court in your place. Don’t let a minor offense like an Okaloosa County speeding accusation damage your credibility. Contact a speeding ticket lawyer in Okaloosa County today and begin building your best courtroom defense.

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