Dual Stalker Radar—Radar of Choice for Florida Highway Patrol

How Radar Speed Detection Works

Radar began being used in the 1950’s, although several notable upgrades have occurred through the years, most commonly associated with bandwidth. Radar speed detection uses radio waves which are reflected off a moving object toflorida dual stalker radar speeding tickets determine the speed of that object. Radio waves are used in radar, however these waves are a much higher frequency than AM and FM radio waves. Just like laser speed detectors, radar speed detectors must be regularly calibrated and certified—by the police officer as well as an independent radar company.

Inherent Problems with Radar Speed Detection

If you have an experienced Florida traffic offense attorney by your side, then the officer who issued your speeding ticket can be questioned as to whether he or she has been properly trained in the use of the radar gun as well as whether the unit has been properly maintained and calibrated. Radar speed detectors have a high incidence of registering the wrong vehicle; at 160 feet away from the radar gun, the radar beam is approximately two lanes wide. This means if a larger vehicle was traveling close to you at the time your speed was measured, the radar could have actually measured the other vehicle. Further, inclement weather can affect the speed readings of the radar gun, giving off false signals.

Specifications of the Dual Stalker Radar

The Dual Stalker Radar is made by Applied Concepts, Inc., formerly known as Applied Concepts Marketing and below is a list of the Stalker and Dual Stalker radar systems approved for use in the state of Florida..florida speeding ticket defense attorney

  1. Model STALKER;
  2. Model STALKER DUAL;
  5. Model STALKER BASIC – stationary and moving;
  6. Model DSR2X;
  7. Model STALKER II MDR; and
  8. Model STALKER II SDR.
  9. Stalker Patrol

The Dual Stalker radar is used extensively by the Florida Highway Patrol and monitors vehicles at greater distances, resulting in better target identification and superior tracking. The Dual Stalker has two antennas and can track vehicles in four directions:

  • In front of the police cruiser, moving the same direction
  • In front of the police cruiser, moving the opposite direction
  • In back of the police cruiser, moving the same direction
  • In back of the police cruiser, moving the opposite direction

The Dual Stalker compensates for variations in the police cruiser vehicle through true Doppler audio; since the audio tones do not correlate to the speed of the cruiser, the police officer can associate the audio with the target speed, eliminating the need to constantly watch the Stalker display. Further updated features of the Dual Stalker radar speed device includes:

  • A much narrower beam width (lessening the chances of targeting the wrong vehicle)
  • Fastest speed tracking
  • Digital antenna communications
  • Upgradable through the latest software
  • Camera and computer interfaceable

Radar is actually considered one of the less-reliable methods of speed detection, however it is without a doubt the most common type of speed measurement device used in the state of Florida, and almost all law enforcement officers in Florida are radar-certified. Officers in Florida are not required to show you the readout on the radar device, meaning radar tickets are essentially written on the honesty system. Officers must calibrate the Dual Stalker radar device before every shift, and it must be professionally calibrated and certified at least every six months. The Dual Stalker radar unit uses a high frequency (KaBand) which has been shown to be less susceptible to motorist’s use of radar detectors, yet still can target the wrong vehicle.

How A Speeding Ticket Defense Lawyer in FL Can Help

An excellent option when fighting a speeding ticket in the state of Florida is to have an aggressive traffic ticket defense attorney by your side to argue on your behalf. Our speeding ticket attorneys have extensive knowledge of Florida laws and statutes relating to speeding tickets, and understand the consequences associated with a conviction for speeding. We are often successful at challenging the method in which your ticket was issued as well as whether the Dual Stalker radar was properly calibrated by the officer. Don’t fight your ticket on your own—contact our speeding ticket defense firm today.

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