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Rural Hamilton County stretches across the state of Florida boasting a population of just under 15,000 people. One lesser-known fact is that the number of speeding citations handed out in the area far exceeds the average number in comparison to other counties. In 2013 3,375 speeding citations were issued to drivers via the following agencies:

  • Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office
  • Jasper Police Department
  • Florida Highway Patrol

Many of these speeding citations are a byproduct of the great deal of through traffic Hamilton County garners on a regular basis. US 41, US 129, State Roads 6, 100, 136 and 133 and I-95 are the main roads where drivers are likely to receive speeding citations. With Georgia just north of the Hamilton County border, commuters often view Hamilton County as a crossroads between work and home and vice versa.

If you have been cited for driving at accelerated speeds in Hamilton County, traffic, weather and road conditions could all have hindered your ability to read and/or follow the speed limitations. The Old Hamilton County Jail and the White Springs Historic District are particularly prone to congestion. A Hamilton County speeding ticket lawyer can help you to resolve the issue by filling out the required legal documentation for you, attending court for you and investigating details that will aid you in fighting back against your charge. If you fear your driving privileges might be in jeopardy because of a Hamilton County speeding citation, contact a Jasper speeding ticket attorney as soon as possible for information regarding your individual case.

Hamilton County Ticket Information

Below you will find a chart detailing fines commonly associated with speeding in Hamilton County. These fines can vary and are depicted based on the number of miles per hour the driver was accused of exceeding.

6-9 mph                                                                                   approximately $76.00 – $80.50

6-9 mph in a school or construction zone                                                                   $161.00

10-14 mph                                                                           approximately $137.50 – $155.50

10-14 mph in a school or construction zone                                                               $311.00

15-19 mph                                                                           approximately $158.50 – $180.50

15-19 mph in a school or construction zone                                                               $361.00

20-29 mph                                                                          approximately $178.50 – $205.50

20-29 mph in a school or construction zone                                                               $411.00

30+ mph                                                                              approximately $260.50 – $305.50

30+ mph in a school or construction zone                                                                  $611.00

If your fine look suspicious or excessive, an experienced speeding ticket lawyer in Hamilton County can help you sort through the details.

While fines and court fees can sometimes be minor expenses, they are not the only worry in a speeding citation situation. One major element often overlooked by drivers is the fact that paying a fine is legally considered an admittance of guilt by the state of Florida. Drivers found guilty of speeding typically accrue between three and four points on their licenses. The rule of thumb is three points for 16 mph or below above the legal limit and four points for 16 mph or more above the legal limit. Over the course of 12 months a driver is only permitted 12 points before driving privileges are subject to be revoked. Drivers who accrue 18 or more points over the course of 18 months or 24 points in 36 months can also be subject to a license suspension. All of the following agencies often review driving records in order to determine the level of responsibility of an individual:

  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Companies Considering Hiring Prospects
  • Car Insurance Companies

Because an individual’s driving record is so important to their future both on and off the road, it is always in a driver’s best interest to converse with a Hamilton County speeding ticket attorney prior to making a hasty decision. Should the defendant choose to plead not guilty, this speeding ticket lawyer in Hamilton County can submit the necessary legal documents to the Clerk of the Court at the Hamilton County Courthouse, 207 1st St. NE, Jasper, FL. This legal representative will help the defendant save time and money while preserving their license and reputation. Get in touch with a speeding ticket lawyer in Jasper City or Hamilton County for further details.

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