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Liberty County maintains the smallest population in the entire state of Florida but they still managed to hand out 490 speeding tickets in 2013. This number stands in stark contrast to the number of residents which is approximated at 8,365 people. The Apalachicola Forest which consumes about 50% of the county is a popular draw for nature lovers seeking hiking trails, an abundance of fruits and vegetables or a nature inspired getaway. Discovering a speeding ticket rather than a rare species is not the best way to begin a vacation but it happens in Liberty County all the time. If you are one of the hundreds of people wishing to fight back against a Liberty County speeding charge, it is best if you speak with a Liberty County speeding ticket attorney without delay.

Average Fines for Speeding in Liberty County, Florida

The fines on this list reflect the average fine as it relates to location, the number of miles per hour the driver was accused of exceeding and whether or not the driver was offered and chose to attend court approved driving school. Attending court approved driving school is one of many options your Bristol speeding ticket lawyer will be happy to go over with you when deciding how to handle your charge.

6-9 Mph                                                                                              $80.50

6-9 Mph (School or Construction Zone)                                             $161

6– 9 Mph (after driving school)                                                          $76

10-14 Mph                                                                                          $155.50

10-14 Mph (School or Construction Zone)                                         $311.00

10 to 14 Mph (after driving school)                                                    $137.50

15-19 Mph                                                                                          $180.50

15-19 Mph (School or Construction Zone)                                        $361.00

15 to 19 Mph (after driving school)                                                    $158.50

20-29 Mph                                                                                          $205.50

20-29 Mph (School or Construction Zone)                                         $411.00

20 to 29 Mph (after driving school)                                                    $178.50

30+ Mph                                                                                             $305.50

30+ Mph (School or Construction Zone )                                           $611.00

30+ Mph (after driving school)                                                           $260.50

Even if your fine is on the low-end, your penalty will not end there. Many drivers make the mistake of paying off the ticket thinking it will resolve the matter entirely. A speeding ticket attorney in Liberty County can explain in detail what can happen if a driver chooses to simply pay the fine. Below are just a few reasons that explain why simply paying the ticket might not be in your best interest.

Your Insurance Policy Could Be Canceled

If you read the fine print of the Florida DMV you will find the following advisory:

“Additionally, your insurance rates may go up or your policy may be cancelled.”

Additionally implies that this is in addition to the fine. Any payment of a fine is considered an automatic admittance of guilt by the state of Florida and when treated as such this admittance of guilt results in 3 to 4 points being added to a driver’s license. According to local officials, a driver is permitted 12 points over the course of 12 months, 18 points over the course of 18 months and 24 points over the course of 36 months before their driving privileges are subject to be revoked; however if an insurance company chooses to cancel a policy due to points accrued on a license, you will be driving illegally anyway. Often times, insurance companies penalize drivers for points by raising their insurance premiums. Drivers with points will typically experience rates that are three or four times higher than drivers who do not have points. They do have the option of canceling your insurance altogether, subsequently making it illegal for you to climb behind the wheel of a car.

Potential Employers Often Review Driving Records

Insurance companies aren’t the only ones checking in on your driving record. Potential employers often do the same. Drivers who accrue points on their licenses could be subject to career roadblocks for a variety of reasons. Firstly, if a driver’s license is suspended, getting to and/or from work can be difficult or even impossible. If potential employers perceive you as being irresponsible either because you have points or because you do not have a license at all, you could find yourself unemployed as a direct result of one speeding citation.

A speeding ticket lawyer in Liberty County can aid you in reducing and/or alleviating your charge entirely, leaving you without the hassle of explaining a loss of license or a high risk driving reputation. From the beginning to the end of the judicial process, your Bristol speeding ticket attorney will represent you with knowledge of the local laws and the local roads. Your Bristol speeding ticket lawyer will fill out all legal documentation for you and promptly send it to the clerk of the court at 10818 Northwest State Road 20, Bristol, Florida. Following the submission of a plea of not guilty, your speeding ticket lawyer in Bristol, Florida will also attend court either with you or in your place. Contact a Liberty County speeding ticket attorney to hear more about how you can fight back against your speeding citation.

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