PACE Speeding Tickets in the State of Florida

What is PACE Speed Detection?

When you received your Florida speeding ticket, the police officer may have determined your speed through pacing—a technique in which the police officer follows the suspected speeder for a sufficient distance at a constant speed, then using the speedometer on the police cruiser, estimates the speed of the suspect. You may have noticed the word “estimates” in that sentence, and wondered how accurate pacing really is. Florida Statute Section 316.1905 discusses the use of electronic devices used to determine speed, detailing how often such devices (including the speedometer on the police car) must be tested for accuracy. Speeding tickets using the pacing method are relatively common throughout the state of Florida, yet the precision of those tickets is questionable.


How a The Law Place Attorney Can Help

You may wonder why you should go to all the trouble to hire an attorney for something as minor as a speeding ticket. Unfortunately, that speeding ticket can have far-reaching repercussions, as your conviction will add points to your driving record. Those points can result in much higher insurance premiums as well as a potential driver’s license suspension. The attorneys of The Law Place have a solid network with all types of professionals who will help us defend your speeding case. We are available when you need us, and consistently work as a team, giving you the best chance of having your speeding charges dropped. The level of experience our attorneys bring to the table provides you with the “edge” you need to prevail in your speeding offense case, and our goal is always to help you avoid having any points added to your driving record.

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