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Located within the Florida Panhandle, Jackson County serves as a crossroads into Alabama from Florida and vice versa. Boasting a number of major cities and towns along with an abundance of arts, entertainment and historical attractions, Jackson County and the approximated 50,000 residents who call it home are tirelessly monitored by all of the following law enforcement agencies:

  • Cottondale Police Department
  • Graceville Police Department
  • Alford Police Department
  • Bascom Police Department
  • Greenwood Police Department
  • Grand Ridge Police Department
  • Sneads Police Department
  • Malone Police Department
  • The Florida Highway Patrol
  • Jackson County Sheriff’s Office

If you have been accused of speeding by any of the above-mentioned law enforcement agencies in Jackson County, you should not delay in obtaining a Jackson County speeding ticket lawyer. Your license and your reputation could be at risk if you hesitate.

Road, Traffic and Weather Conditions that Impact Driving

Road, traffic and weather conditions can all have a great deal of impact on a person’s ability to drive within the legal limits. It is also important to point out that location can play a huge part in the severity of penalties associated with speeding. Let’s take a look at location and how it impacts the speed of a motor vehicle. One of the first elements of the location is the flow of traffic. Due to this aspect, receipt of a speeding citation is much more common in heavily traveled areas. In Jackson County, some heavily traveled areas include:

  • Florida Caverns Golf Course
  • Blue Springs Recreational Park
  • Caverns Road – SR 166
  • Chipola River
  • Three Rivers State Park
  • Bellamy Bridge
  • Highway 71
  • Neal’s Landing

Ecotourism is an emerging trend and Jackson County, Florida is right on point with this trend. As the state’s third oldest county, this region features a subtle mix of history and natural southern beauty making it a common stopping point for tourists and vacationers alike. Heavy foot and motor vehicle traffic has also impacted the law enforcement sector of Jackson County, Florida. In 2013, 6,854 speeding tickets were issued by local officials. If you were amongst the thousands of drivers cited for speeding in Jackson County, a speeding ticket attorney in Graceville can help you to fully understand the charges you are facing. With over 800 miles of unpaved roads in Jackson County, many of these speeding incidents could have been the result of rough terrain.

What a Speeding Ticket Attorney in Jackson County is in Charge of

A speeding ticket lawyer in Jackson County is in charge of a multitude of tasks that ultimately lead to a more positive courtroom experience for drivers. The first thing a Graceville speeding ticket lawyer will do is fill out the necessary legal documents and submit a plea of not guilty on behalf of the driver to the Clerk of the Court at the following address:

4445 Lafayette Street, Marianna, FL

If your ticket was issued in Malone, Mariana, Graceville, Cottondale, Grand Ridge, Jacob City, Alford, Bascom, Campbelton or any of the surrounding areas, the above-mentioned address is also where traffic court will be held. Should you choose not to attend, your speeding ticket lawyer in Jackson County will attend court in your place. In the meantime, evidence proving your innocence will be gathered and a defense devised to aid you in keeping your license will be formed.

Penalties for Speeding in Jackson County

In addition to the fees associated with speeding which, in the state of Florida, range from $80 to over $600, there are also court fees and points to be considered. Any driver who stands accused of speeding and thinks that paying the fine will resolve the matter should consult with a legal representative before making this hasty decision. Payment of a fine will result in an automatic guilty verdict leaving the driver with 3 to 4 points applied to their license.

Points on a driver’s license can affect an individual’s life in a wide variety of ways. Potential future and/or current employers often examine driving records when considering making new hires and granting promotions. Car insurance companies often punish drivers for points by increasing rates. These rates can be increased 3 to 4 times that of a driver whose record is without blemish. 12 points in the course of a year, 18 points in 18 months, or 24 points within a 36 month period can and often does result in license suspension.

You don’t have to risk your reputation or your driving privileges on account of a Jackson County speeding citation. Contact a Jackson County speeding ticket attorney for a free case evaluation that can help you to hold onto your license.

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