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West Central Florida’s beautiful Levy County features approximately 40,801 residents and growing. Strategically positioned just along the coastline, Levy County is a popular tourist stop for nature and beach lovers alike.Keys National Wildlife Refuge andLower Suwanee National Wildlife Refuge draw in large amounts of traffic and the climate keeps the Nature Coast visitors flowing. Self titled as “Florida’s Natural Paradise”, Levy County has quite the reputation for majestic, unspoiled scenery. It also houses a wide array of environments that range from forests to marshlands and sandy dunes to crystal waters. Levy County is a haven for commuters, tourists and outdoor enthusiasts. Unfortunately, it’s also a very common location for speeding tickets. In 2013, 1,126 speeding citations were issued to drivers by the following agencies:

  • Bronson Police Department
  • Williston Police Department
  • Yankee town Police Department
  • Cedar  Key Police Department
  • Florida Highway Patrol
  • Levy County Sheriff’s Office
  • Chiefland Police Department
  • Fanning Springs Police Department
  • Inglis Police Department

If you rank amongst the thousands of drivers who have been accused of driving at accelerated speeds in Levy County, fighting back against your charge with the help of a Levy County speeding ticket attorney is the best available option.

Heavily Trafficked Areas in Levy County

Traffic conditions are among the many factors that deserve attention in any speeding case. Below are some heavily trafficked areas in Levy County where speeding citations are commonly incurred.

  • Cedar Key
  • Inglis Island
  • Manatee Springs
  • Henry Beck Park
  • Fanning Springs State Park
  • Manatee Springs State Park
  • Goethe State Forest
  • Shell Mound Park
  • Levy County Quilt Museum
  • Cedar Key Historical Society Museum
  • Dakotah Winery
  • US Routes 19, 98, 27, 41 and 129

If you’ve been cited for speeding in any of these heavily trafficked areas, a speeding ticket lawyer in Cedar Key who is familiar with local roads and traffic laws can make certain that your location works for you rather than against you in a court of law. Some of the other factors that could be taken into consideration and possibly used to prove your innocence are weather and road conditions.

Your Driving Record and Your Reputation

Below you will find a detailed list of average fines as they relate to location and mileage exceeding the speed limit.

6-9 Mph/Standard Zone                                                                                             $80.50

6-9 Mph School/Construction Zone                                                                           $161.00

10-14 Mph/Standard Zone                                                                                         $155.50

10-14 Mph School/Construction Zone                                                                      $311.00

15-19 Mph Standard Zone                                                                                         $180.50

15-19 Mph School/Construction Zone                                                                      $361.00

20-29 Mph Standard Zone                                                                                         $205.50

20-29 Mph School/Construction Zone                                                                      $411.00

30+ Mph Standard Zone                                                                                            $305.50

30+ Mph School/Construction Zone                                                                          $611.00

It is common for fines to be doubled if a driver is found guilty of speeding in a school/construction zone. Many drivers make the mistake of paying off the ticket prior to contacting a speeding ticket attorney in Levy County. With the assistance of a Fanning Springs speeding ticket lawyer, it is possible to have these fines lowered or eliminated altogether via alternative options such as attending court approved traffic school. Many drivers are unaware of the fact that in addition to hurting their pockets, payment of a fine can also hurt a driver’s reputation.

A driver’s reputation is tallied through a statewide point system which is used to judge their overall level of responsibility. Often, possible future and current employers review employee driving records when making promotional and hiring decisions. Insurance companies review driving records and are known for increasing premiums by three or four times the amount of the average driver for individuals with points on their licenses.

In addition to higher insurance premiums and the possibility of missing out on employment opportunities, these points can also eventually lead to a license suspension. License suspension is determined by the number of points on a driver’s record. In the state of Florida, drivers are allotted:

  • 12 points within 12 months
  • 18 points within 18 months
  • 24 points over a 36 month period

Your driving record is a vital part of your reputation both on and off the road. Opt for a free case evaluation with a speeding ticket lawyer in Levy County to gain a better understanding of alternative punishments and the possibility of having charges dropped entirely.

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